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“Designed to be amazing for every body type and sleep position.”
- Jeremy, Head of Research at Hush Labs

A Hybrid Mattress Created by Apple and Tesla Designers

From top to bottom, each layer in the Hush Mattress was meticulously designed to move progressively from plush comfort to firm support. The result? Perfectly balanced comfort and support.
CoolStitch Fabric

Certified by OEKOTEX Standard 100, our breathable cooling fabric helps you sleep cool.

Open-Cell Foam

The air channels in our open-cell foam increase ventilation and air flow, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortable.

Memory Foam

Our high-density memory foam relieves pressure and offers uncompromized pain relief.

Orthopedic Foam

Our scientifically engineered orthopedic foam offers extra lumbar support and promotes a healthy spine.

Pocket Coil System

Our tempered-steel pocket coils respond independently, adjusting to your body and providing complete motion isolation.


Our steel-encased EdgeSupport reinforces the mattress perimeter, increasing the sleep surface of the mattress 30%.

Want a hotel quality mattress at 1/4 the price?

"More supportive and better for long-term use than a name-brand mattress 4x its price."

"5-star comfort without the luxury price tag"

Sleep Outside the Box

Considering a mattress in a box? Don't compromise.
The Hush Mattress isn't squashed into a tiny box. Because you spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress and deserve the best.
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I'm afraid my lift is too small to fit your mattress. What can I do?

For customers whose lift is too small to fit the Hush Mattress, we offer a special custom delivery solution (and it's free of charge!). Please inform us when ordering your mattress and our white-glove delivery service will assist you.

How do you deliver?
Our white-glove delivery service will setup your mattress for your first night’s rest (and even remove your old mattress) You may choose any day as early as the next working day, Monday to Saturday.
My lift may be too small for a large mattress. What can I do?
View: The Hush Mattress™
The Hush Mattress™
Foam Mattress-in-a-Box
Traditional Memory Foam Mattress
Traditional Innerspring Mattress
* Read the fine print
If you’re considering a mattress in a box, do your homework! These mattresses are constructed either of inexpensive foam or poor-quality springs. The majority of the price you pay is not the materials or craftmanship of the mattress, but marketing.

The Perfect Firmness

Based on research, most people experience improved sleep on a mattress that is supportive yet comfortable. Our carefully calculated hybrid design is 7.0 to 8.5 on a firmness scale of 1 - 10.

Did you know?

Foam mattresses that are too soft may cause back pain and discomfort. A soft mattress may not properly support your hips, which may sink into the bed causing bad sleep posture that exacerbates back pain.

Free In-Home Setup with Your Hush Mattress

Get comfortable. Let professionals do the heavy lifting.

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What Makes the Hush Mattress So Different?

  • Temperature Regulation
  • Extra Lumbar Support
  • Motion Isolation
  • EdgeSupport
Temperature Regulation

Breathable OEKO-TEX Fabric + open-cell foam increase ventilation and moisture evaporation to help you stay cool.

Extra Lumbar Support

An adaptive foundation of pocket coils + firm orthopedic foam offers extra back and lumbar support where you need it most.

Motion Isolation

Individual pocket coils respond independently of each other, which means you can sleep blissfully undisturbed while your partner moves.


Our steel-encased system reinforces the mattress perimeter, thereby increasing the sleep surface of the mattress 30% and promoting uniform support throughout to the outer edge.

Mattress Delivery & Setup

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Delivery Date Free in-home setup within Hong Kong. Please select your preferred date. On the day before delivery, we'll call you to schedule a delivery time!
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Do you want us to remove your old mattress?For a small fee, we can remove your old mattress. If it's in good condition, we will donate it, so a person in need has a better place to sleep.
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Do you want us to carry the mattress up or down any stairs?
Please specify the number of storiesThere will be a labor fee of HK$100.00 per story
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