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The Luxury Hotel Sheets™
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  • The Luxury Hotel Sheets™
  • The Luxury Hotel Sheets™
  • soft bed sheet
  • The Luxury Hotel Sheets™
  • The Luxury Hotel Sheets™
  • soft bed sheet

The Luxury Hotel Sheets™

A luxurious finishing touch on your favorite bed. Our signature sheets feature the same long-staple cotton and superfine threads that you enjoy at high end hotels and resorts. Turn your bedroom into a 5-star property.

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Sheet Set

2 pillowcases + 1 fitted sheet

Sheet Set + Duvet Cover
Country: Hong Kong
Size: Single 3'0"

You may add any of our sheet products as separates. Please click "Add to Cart" to add the correct size and quantity.

Pillowcase Set (x2)
Size: Standard/Queen
Fitted Sheet
Country: Hong Kong
Size: Single 3'0"
Duvet Cover
Size: Single
Flat Sheet
Size: Single
  • 100% long-staple cotton
  • 1-ply superfine yarn
  • 400 thread count in soft sateen weave
  • Luxury white color
  • Compatible with Hush Home® collection and standard bedding sizes
  • Hotel durability: minimum 300 washes
  • Cotton is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • 2-year HushCare Warranty
International Size Guide

All dimensions are in cm


Size Dimensions
Standard/Queen 51 x 77
King 51 x 92

Flat Sheets

Size Dimensions
Single/Twin 150 x 260
Double 180 x 260
Full 220 x 260
Queen 265 x 275
King 280 x 290

Duvet Cover

Size Dimensions
Single/Twin 150 x 200
Double 200 x 200
Full/Queen 230 x 210
King 260 x 210
Regional Size Guide

Fitted Sheets. Depth of all fitted sheets is 38 cm (or 15 in).

Hong Kong

Size Dimensions (cm)
Single 3'0" 92 x 190
Large Single 3'6" 108 x 190
Double 4'0" 123 x 190
Full 4'6" 138 x 190
Queen 5'0" 153 x 198
King 6'0" 184 x 203


Size Dimensions (cm)
Single 100 x 200
Small Double 120 x 200
Double 140 x 200
Wide Double 155 x 200
Queen 180 x 200
King 200 x 200


Size Dimensions (in)
Twin 39 x 76
Full 55 x 76
Queen 61 x 81
King 77 x 81
California King 73 x 85

Weaved to perfection

Luxurious softness

Softness that wont pill or thin, but soften more and more with use. That's why these sheets are used exclusively by leading luxury hotels worldwide.


Long fibers, the finest threads, and a high thread count make our 100% cotton sheets more breathable -- you can literally feel the difference.

Gentle on skin

Sustainably made, environmentally friendly, and certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to be safe for you and your loved ones.

best cotton bed sheet
Only the best cotton makes it into our sheets

Our sheets are made from a variety of cotton that is one of the finest and longest in the world.

Known as Gossypium barbadense, our cotton is used almost exclusively in luxury products due to its rarity and high cost. Whereas regular cotton uses shorter fibers with exposed ends, our cotton uses longer fibers with fewer exposed ends. That means our threads are not only smoother, but 4x stronger and softer than regular cotton.

The result are sheets that won't pill or wear thin, and will only get softer with every wash. There's a reason why luxury hotels around the world only use long-staple cotton.

high thread count bed sheet
A high thread count you can trust

Don't be confused by high thread counts.

Some home brands advertise high thread counts that are misleading. Why? These high thread counts feature 2-ply or 3-ply threads, which means you need to divide by 2 or 3 to find the true thread count. Even worse, the 2-ply or 3-ply thread actually makes your sheets heavier and less breathable.

That's why many brands never reveal the ply number when you're shopping. But we do. We're proud to use the same type of cotton that the Ritz Carlton and Intercontinental feature: 1-ply superfine yarn, with a true thread count of 400.

smooth bed sheet
A smoother luxurious weave

Like your favorite hotel's sheets, we use a classic one-over-four sateen weave because it's provides a softer, more supple feel. A sateen weave is generally recommended if you're seeking a sumptuously smooth feel without the shiny look of silk.

hotel-quality bed sheet bedding
5-star hotel quality

Large international hotel chains such as Peninsula, Four Seasons, and JW Marriot feature similar sheets at their luxury properties around the world. These hotel chains trust the high quality of our long-staple cotton and the reliability of our manufacturing facilities. 

Thoughtful Details

We've thought about the way you sleep and the way you make your bed: Our pillow cases have no zippers or buttons to get in the way of a a good night's rest, just a thoughtful inner side fold that fits snugly over the edge of your pillow. Our duvet cover features hidden buttons and securing corner and side ties. Our fitted sheets feature grippy elastic bands and labels to guide you when making the bed.

Side Fold

Hidden Buttons

Corner & Side Ties

Elastic Bands & Labels

You Can Rest Easy with Hush Home

We always put the sleeper first
100 Night Guarantee
Try your sheets at home for 100 nights. If you're not head over heels in love, we'll refund you.
Worldwide Shipping and Returns
We offer express delivery worldwide and easy returns anywhere.
HushCare Warranty
Your sheets are covered by our 2-year HushCare warranty, so you can fall asleep worry free.
Frequently Asked Questions
What certification do your sheets have?

All our sheets are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means each item is free of harmful chemicals and materials and 100% safe for you and your loved ones.

Are all your sheets white?

Yes. One of the secrets of high-end hotels is their use of all-white sheets. In the 1990s, luxury hotel chains experimented with using all-white sheets and discovered a surprising revelation: white sheets actually helped their guests sleep better. Moreover, from a design perspective, white sheets contrast beautifully with neutral tones and are easy to accessorize with colored pillows and throws.

Are your sheets really featured in luxury hotels?


Yes, our manufacturing facilities supply to high-end hotels such as St. Regis, Shangri-La, Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt, Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental, JW Marriot, Intercontinental, Hilton, and Four Seasons. These hotels trust the quality of the cotton, the international manufacturing standards, and the craftmanship and precision of cutting and sewing at our facilities.

Unlike typical bedding manufactured for home use, our bedding is manufactured to be five-star hotel quality. That makes a drastic difference. It means we can provide the true thread count, ply number, and staple length of our cotton as well as guarantee our sheets can undergo a minimum of 300 high-temperature washes.

Moreover, because we take advantage of volume discounts from recurring orders by large luxury hotels, we can offer luxury bedding to you at a fraction of the going rate.

I've never ordered luxury sheets before. What should I expect?

Luxury sheets made from 100% 1-ply long-staple cotton are different from other sheets you may have purchased in the past. By choosing us, you're experiencing cotton in its purest and most natural form. Unlike polyester sheets or cotton/poly blends, you will be delighted to discover our cotton sheets get better the more you use them. Natural cotton, especially long-staple cotton, softens with use and washing. The natural wrinkles mellow with time. That means each and every night, you'll slip away to increasingly comfortable sleep.

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