Ever wondered how to improve sleep?  You’ve no doubt heard how imperative finding a comfortable mattress is for getting some much-needed shuteye after a long, stressful day.  But have you also considered the importance of a good pillow?

Generally, pillows should be replaced once per year or by looking for signs of wear and tear such as lumps or yellowing.  But sometimes it’s difficult to detect and often depends on the quality of the pillow.

Most people shrug off waking up with constant stiff neck muscles or sharp pains down their spine, unaware that they are most likely caused by an ineffective and unsupportive pillow.  Paired with long working hours in front of the computer and shoulder tension from stress, you could easily be looking at long-term health issues for years to come.

Try the Pillow Test

There is a simple test to determine if your pillow needs to be replaced:

  1. Fold it in half and squeeze out the air
  2. Release the pillow and allow it to spring back into its original shape and fullness
  3. Does the pillow still look squished and deflated?  It’s time to replace it!

正枕頭For many people, the sheer number of pillow options and brands on the market can be overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed down the search to our top two pillow recommendations.

Opting for a More Traditional Type

Like to fold or hug your pillow while sleeping? Or prop it up against your headboard so you can lean on it while watching TV? There’s a good chance you prefer a traditional down or feather pillow -- you know, the type you used to sleep on at your parents’ home -- but you probably don’t love how these traditional pillows always go flat.

We made a traditional pillow that will never flatten and always match your head position. Soft and fluffy on the outside with personalized loft, support and contouring, this is a pillow which matches your sleep position to a tee.  Featuring an adjustable middle layer that naturally cradles and supports your head and neck, all types of sleepers (side, back, and stomach) are able to enjoy the benefits of a personalized pillow that will never flatten. Check out The OnePillow.

Innovative Memory Foam

Known for its ability to revolutionize the way we sleep, a memory foam pillow is designed with a purpose – to offer proper support, contour around your head, and soothe sore neck muscles, all in one design.  Our memory foam pillow is topped with a layer of ultra-soft microfiber creating a miraculously comfortable and supportive two-sided option that can be flipped to change to your personal comfort.  Check out The Miracle Pillow.


Why The Right Pillow Matters

Not only should a pillow play an important role during our sleep, but it should also suit our individual sleeping needs.  Pillows are like a mini bed for your head, so be sure to select a pillow that cradles your head in the optimal position with the correct height and offers unrestrictive breathing.  

Also, shopping for your pillow, bedding and mattress simultaneously can ensure all items work together for your sleep comfort needs.  Take advantage of home trials that guarantee if you don’t like a company’s sleep products, you can return them for your money back, no questions asked.

Don’t wait any longer – it’s time to start tucking into undisturbed sleep with a new pillow!