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How To Choose The Right Pillow

We spent many sleepless nights researching and testing how different people sleep. Using our data, we completely redesigned your favorite bedroom companion, the pillow.

The Right Pillow Matters

Personal comfort is essential, so you can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer
The right amount of cradling and loft will support your head, neck, and shoulders in the right alignment
Sleep Posture
The right pillow maintains good sleep posture so your head isn't propped at an angle causing spinal misalignment and discomfort.

The Right Pillow is Personalized to You

No head and neck are the same, so choose the right pillow for your sleep needs

Mattress Delivery & Setup

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Delivery Date Free white-glove delivery within Hong Kong. Please select your preferred time and we'll call you to confirm!
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Timeslot: 9 am - noon
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Do you want us to remove your old mattress?For a small fee, we can remove your old mattress. If it's in good condition, we will donate it, so a person in need has a better place to sleep.
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Do you want us to carry the mattress up or down any stairs?
Please specify the number of storiesThere will be a labor fee of HK$100.00 per story
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