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Refer a Friend!

Get up to $350 each by referring a friend

How It Works

With every referral, both the advocate and the friend can get up to $350.
If the friend spends: $3500 or more less than $3500
The Advocate gets: $350 Gift Card $50 Gift Card
The Friend gets:
$350 Off
$50 Off
may be combined with other promotions

Want to Enroll?

  • For Advocates

    All Friends of Hush are automatically enrolled as Advocates. For details on how to join Friends of Hush, please contact us.

  • For Friends

    Any family or friend of an Advocate is eligible as a Friend. The Advocate may refer an unlimited number of Friends!

Enroll a Friend Now

How to get a Refer a Friend discount?

You or your friend may visit to enroll.
Hush Home will contact your friend to apply the extra discount to their first order.
Hush Home will issue a gift card to you once your friend completes their Home Trial.
Referral Complete. Refer more friends to get more gift cards!
You or your advocate can visit to enroll.
Hush Home will contact you to apply the extra discount to your first order.
Save more money.
Thank your advocate and enjoy many years of better sleep!
*Terms and Conditions of Refer a Friend program
  1. Advocate is a person who refers a friend. To be eligible, the advocate must be an active member of the Friends of Hush program.
  2. Friend is a person who is referred by an advocate. To be eligible, the friend must be a new customer whose household has not made any purchases from Hush Home.
  3. Upon a successful referral, the friend will receive a $350 discount if they purchase $3500 or more OR the friend will receive a $50 discount if they purchase less than $3500. This discount is one-time only and will apply only to a friend household's first order of Hush Home products.
  4. Upon a successful referral and completion of the friend's Home Trial, the advocate will receive a $350 gift card if the friend purchased $3500 or more OR the advocate will receive a $50 gift card if the friend purchased less than $3500. The gift card offer will be determined by the final order value of the friend's household after all refunds and price adjustments (including all returns or exchanges during the friend's Home Trial Period) have been applied. The advocate will receive the gift card after the Home Trial is complete.
  5. To be eligible for the Refer a Friend program, the advocate's and the friend's discount must be approved before the friend's first order of Hush Home products.
  6. The advocate may refer an unlimited number of friends.
  7. Each friend (and his or her household) may obtain the Refer a Friend discount only once.
  8. Refer a Friend discounts may be used in conjunction with other promotional codes and offers.
  9. The advocate is allowed to share the gift card to others.
  10. The gift cards and Refer a Friend discounts are applicable to all items.
  11. The gift cards are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  12. Gift cards or discounts may not be redeemed as cash.
  13. For purposes of defining a "household" under the terms of this program, Hush Home will have the sole authority to determine what customer name, contact information, delivery address, or order number constitutes a "household" and its decision shall be final.
  14. Hush Home reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

Mattress Delivery & Setup

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Delivery Date Free in-home setup within Hong Kong. Please select your preferred date. On the day before delivery, we'll call you to schedule a delivery time!

*If you're located in Discovery Bay, Tung Chung or Ma Wan, please select Wednesdays only.
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Do you want us to remove your old mattress?For a small fee, we can remove your old mattress. If it's in good condition, we will donate it, so a person in need has a better place to sleep.
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