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Sleep Health & Wellness

Sleep Better,
Live Better

We Take Sleeping Seriously
Sleep is the most important element to your health and wellness. Good sleep supercharges your day and makes you stronger, smarter and happier.

Through sleep workshops, wellness events, and published content, we use our research into sleep science to inspire everyone to sleep and live better.
  • Hush Home Sleep Workshops
    Sleep Workshops
    Our famous sleep workshops educate the community on top-secret hacks to jumpstart your day.
  • Hush Home Wellness Events

    Wellness Events

    We host wellness events teaching relaxation and mindfulness techniques, so you slip into sleep more easily.
  • Sleep Better, Live Better
    Published Content
    Through resource guides, articles, and online content, we keep you informed on how to sleep better, live better.
Hush Home Sleep & Wellness Workshops

Better Sleep Through Education

Our Sleep Workshop
Learning how to improve sleep is the first step to living a richer, more fulfilling life. That's why Hush Home runs sleep workshops educating the community on sleep's impact on well-being.
Our sleep workshops are designed and led by our co-founder Stephanie, a certified health and wellness consultant. Fortune Global 500 Companies such as Citibank, Manulife, and Standard Chartered have invited us into their office to use sleep science to boost performance and productivity.
Sleep is de-prioritized in today's busy world.
We want to change that. From our founding, Hush Home has worked tirelessly to promote the positive benefits of great sleep.
We created our sleep workshops to reinforce healthy behaviour through education, so that teams and individuals can use sleep as a superpower.
  • Informative, Engaging and Effective – our associates thoroughly enjoyed learning the science behind sleep in a fun and interactive manner. The event coordination with Hush Home was efficient and well-organised. We look forward to working with them again in the future.
    Anais Souton, Manager, Employee Experience at Rosewood Hotel Group
  • "We invited Hush Home into our offices to deliver a sleep workshop as part of our continuing wellness series. They did a stellar job. The workshop incredibly interesting. I can honestly say the sleep workshop was one of our most successful wellness events of the year!"
    Jenny Fan, Director at ANZ
  • "With its emphasis on health and wellness, Hush Home was the ideal company to invite into Lululemon to teach us sleep tips. During their workshop, we learned how improved rest can make our personal fitness goals easier to achieve. The team had great energy and a passion for all things sleep. It was a fantastic workshop!"
    Andrew Polins, VP at Lululemon
  • "The Hush Home sleep workshop is fun, informative, and engaging. All our colleagues learn a lot from the event. The team was very easy to work with and we'd love to have them back into the office!"
    Christina Nuttall, Director at Metlife
  • "Hush Home delivered a great workshop at Citibank. The event was easy to plan, the team was flexible and accommodating, and the information was presented in a fun, engaging format. We'd love to invite them back!"
    Steve Tobkin, Director at Citibank
  • "Our whole team loved the Hush Home sleep workshop. It was so informative! Personally, I found it helpful to learn how to sleep better to strengthen my nutrition and workout goals. The sleep workshop was so popular that our company invited them back for a second one immediately!"
    Derrick Yee, MD at Manulife
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Want to Transform Your Organization's Sleep and Well-Being?
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Sleep Health & Wellness Resource Guide
Better sleep comes with better knowledge!

Please explore a curated list of articles written by sleep experts, wellness consultants, clinical psychologists, and nutritionists.
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Improve your sleep to be the best version of yourself
We Want You to Be the Best Version of Yourself
We believe that by improving your sleep, you can live your fullest life. That's why the product design of our mattress, pillows and bedding relies on peer-reviewed sleep literature.
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Everyone deserves better sleep
Everyone Deserves Better Sleep!
At Hush Home, we believe that good sleep should be universal. Learn more about how we make sure the underprivileged also gets a good night's rest!
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