Ever wondered how a good pillow can help improve sleep? You've no doubt heard how imperative finding a comfortable mattress is for getting some much-needed shuteye after a long, stressful day. But have you also considered the importance of sleeping on a good pillow? Choosing the right pillow for your sleep posture might improve your sleep significantly in 2024. When you search for the best pillow on the internet, numerous brands would be shown in the search results, for example Tempur pillow and Sinomax pillow. Continue reading our blog to see how to choose among these options!

finding the best pillow in hong kong

Generally, pillows should be replaced once per year or when signs of wear and tear such as lumps or yellowing emerge. But sometimes it's difficult to detect and it often depends on the quality of the pillow.

Most people shrug off waking up with constant stiff neck muscles or sharp pains down their spine, unaware that they are most likely caused by an ineffective and unsupportive pillow. Coupled with long working hours in front of the computer and shoulder tension from stress, you could easily be looking at long-term health issues for years to come.

Table of Contents

  1. How to choose a pillow in Hong Kong?
  2. Is your pillow still providing the support you need? Test it now!
  3. Where should I buy a pillow in Hong Kong - in a department store or online?
  4. What pillow material is best?
    1. Memory foam pillow
    2. Microfiber pillow
    3. Down pillow
    4. Feather pillow
    5. Latex pillow
    6. Buckwheat pillow
    7. Expanded polystyrene foam pillow
    8. Others (Water, Gel etc)
  5. Should I choose a firm or soft pillow?
  6. What type of pillow matches my sleep position and what is the ideal height of pillow?
    1. Pillows for back sleeper
    2. Pillows for side sleeper
    3. Pillows for stomach sleeper
    4. Pillows for combined-position sleeper
  7. Choose the perfect pillow for the best night rest
    1. Innovative memory foam pillow - The Miracle Pillow
    2. Opting for a soft hotel pillow
  8. Why the right pillow matters
  9. What else should you consider when buying a pillow?
  10. Why Hush Home pillow?
  11. Does your mattress matter to your pillow choice?

How to Choose a Pillow in Hong Kong?

People always say there is nothing you cannot find in Hong Kong. It is indeed very true. With countless quality local and international brands available in Hong Kong, paired with the ultimately convenient online shopping, you can always find as many alternatives as you wish for one single item. Pillow is no exception. There are chain labels, for instance Sinomax pillow, Casablanca pillow and Tempur pillow, and also small businesses like Hush Home. All pillows look the same but they all are promoted with various features -- best pillow for neck pain, best pillow for side and stomach sleepers, most comfortable pillow, and attached with different price tags. So, with all the options available, how do you choose the perfect pillow in Hong Kong ? 

It is in fact very difficult to give advice on how to choose a pillow since at the end of the day, pillow shopping is all about personal needs and preferences. But there is one thing we would recommend you to do before pillow shopping -- bring your list next to a pillow testing report done by a respectable organization in 2019. The organization has run tests on pillows from 15 brands and stated each of their results. After spending some time studying this report, you may want to rearrange the order on your list. However, since this report was published a couple years ago, some newer brands might not be included or get tested in this report. 

There is another thing we could recommend you to do before pillow shopping, but since you are reading this, you have already got it! Right, that is to do lots of research! Getting educated on how to choose a pillow is something you should never get annoyed with. Having the best pillow for yourself meaning taking the best care of your physical as well as mental health. So, always make sure you are well-informed on the pillow you are holding before bringing it back home. 

Still have no idea on how to choose the best pillow for yourself? No worries, get a pen and paper, and keep scrolling through.

Is your pillow still providing the support you need? Test it now!

First thing first, you have to find out if your pillow needs to be replaced. A pillow pro-tip we have to help you determine whether your pillow needs to be replaced is by a simple test :

  1. Fold it in half and squeeze out the air
  2. Release the pillow and allow it to spring back into its original shape and fullness
  3. Does the pillow still look squished? A supportive pillow shouldn't look deflated. If it does look squished and flattened, it's time to replace it!


finding the best pillow in hong kong

Where should I buy a pillow in Hong Kong - in a department store or online?

As online shopping becomes more and more well-established and popular, you can basically purchase anything at any time by simply tapping on a tiny screen. Yet, online shopping has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Same goes for pillows. There are pros and cons in both buying pillows in a department store and buying pillows online. Do not go straight to either of the two ways without getting educated about their functionality. After doing research about the pillows, it’s time for you to try sleeping on them. Read on for some of the salient pros and cons that you have to be aware of.

Buying a Pillow in a Department Store

hong kong pillow buying guide

In-store Trial

Needless to say, in-store trial is the most apparent advantage that buying a pillow in department stores has, and also the reason why some people insist on buying pillows and other bedding items in-store. Indeed, it is so important to have a look and try out, if possible, the products before handing over your money. Especially for pillows, which are generally more expensive than other bedroom products and they are almost the closest thing to your body for one-third of the day. It is particularly crucial to take some time and try them out thoroughly in the store. Thinking about choosing one at random and trying out at home for one night? We understand how drained you are after work, or how embarrassed sleeping on a displayed bed can be, but sleeping on a wrong pillow for one night could end up very bad -- you could possibly get neck pain or allergies. If you are exhausted after work, take some time out of your holiday! In-store trial worth the time. If you feel awkward lying down in public, you may opt for small brands which own a rather private showroom like us. Anyway, there are tons of options so don’t risk your health and sleeping quality!


Surely, an in-store trial is beneficial and you should always take advantage of it in order to get your dream pillow. However, in-store trials also come with some problems. The major issue which everyone should be warned about is hygiene. Before trying out your desired pillow, have you ever thought about how many customers have slept on it and if it is sanitized afterwards? The pillow could be in the store from the first day. Countless customers could have slept on it, let alone the random incomers who appear on holidays and sleep on them all day. No one could guarantee that the pillow is constantly disinfected or replaced from time to time. Sleeping on a dirty pillow for a few minutes is more than enough for giving you an allergic reaction. If you would really like to try on a pillow in a department store, it is better for you to prepare your own sanitizer and disinfect it. And in light of this issue, some companies in Hong Kong offer in-home trials which give you the option to try the pillow at home without any hygiene issues.

Buying a Pillow Online

hong kong pillow buying guide


Another needless-to-say -- convenience is unquestionably the most tempting thing about online shopping. You can have access to a wide variety of products with all kinds of features at different prices and quality anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a connected device. You do not have to drag your burnt-out body to the store after work or go out on a supposedly lazy weekend to a crowded store to get a pillow. Simply with your mobile, laptop or tablet, you can take as much time as you would like to browse and study all kinds of pillows, from local to international brands; from the most affordable one to the most luxurious one; from the classics to the cutting-edge new arrivals. And when a pillow captures your attention but you are not sure if it is “the one”, you can simply bookmark it and come back to it anytime. 

Customer Service

While you may get annoyed by some salespersons for trying to indoctrinate you with their latest promotions and arrivals, their major job responsibility is to solve the problems you have with their products. It is true that online customer service exists, but we all know that oftentimes we cannot ask as we wish since the system may have preset certain types of enquiries. Of course you can call the hotline, but the same thing could happen. And when your call or online enquiry gets responded by an actual staff member, misunderstandings occur all the time as none of you have the product on hand. Even with the help of the product name or product code, sometimes it is difficult for customers to describe the problem or for the staff member to explain. Pillow issues in particular, are hard to handle online since the enquiries are mainly related to firmness, texture and support, which people have a different preference for.

What Pillow Material is the Best?

a. Memory Foam Pillow

memory foam pillow

Memory foam is mainly made out of a polymer, called polyurethane. Polyurethane is a very common, versatile and durable material. It is frequently used on producing mattresses, pillows, car seats and many more. One of its major features is that it can form shape by using your body heat and weight, and this is why it is a popular choice of material for producing items that are used closely to our body. 

Memory foam pillows are a first choice for a lot of sleepers as they naturally adjust to the sleeper’s shape while being supportive to your head and neck. They are particularly ideal for people with neck pain. But memory foam pillows are relatively dense and expensive. It might not be a good idea to carry it with you on trips

b. Microfiber Pillow

Microfiber pillows are also known as synthetic pillows or hollowfibre pillows. They are made with artificial polyester fiber -- the easy production is the reason why they are very affordable and widely available. Although their production process may not seem as delicate as the other pillows’, they do include some of the best features out of all the pillow types. Filled with microfibers, the pillows are soft and fluffy like feather pillows, while they help you stay fresh throughout the night by avoid trapping moisture and perspiration. 

Nevertheless, since microfiber pillows are comparatively easy to manufacture, their quality varies widely as well. Some are washable and hypo-allergenic while some would give you face slumps and swallowing. Be sure to study the brand thoroughly and check for certification before purchasing.

c. Down Pillow

down pillow hong kong

Many people are confused with down and feather. Down is actually an undercoating of a bird’s feather, also known as a fluffy insulator. Down used for pillow fillings are usually from ducks or gooses, of which gooses have the fluffiest and the best quality down. 

Down regulates temperature well and is very light. If you are looking for a pillow that you can travel around with, a down pillow might be suitable for you. However, its durability has been an issue and is very difficult to clean so down pillow users tend to replace their pillows more frequently than sleepers with other pillows.

d. Feather Pillow

Feather pillows usually consist of both feather and down while down pillows only have down as filling. Feather pillows share the same major feature as down pillows - the lightweight. And they are even more budget-friendly. 

Nevertheless, feather pillows often have feather quills poke out of the surface. Sleepers have to pull them out to have comfortable shuteyes. It may seem fun to some extent, but do not overlook the fact that it actually means there would be fewer and fewer feather fillings in the pillow, which also means that your pillow would become flatter and flatter as time passes.

e. Latex Pillow

Latex can be made natural or synthetic. Natural latex is made out of tree sap while synthetic latex is produced with chemicals. Regardless of natural or synthetic, latex provides a high degree of firmness and is resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.They are very easy to clean and durable as well. 

With that said, these hallmarks of latex pillows make them the most expensive pillows on the market. You might not want to put it on the top of your list if you are looking for an affordable pillow.

f. Buckwheat Pillow

buckwheat pillow hong kong

Buckwheat is a seed-like grain first found in Asia, now grown in many continents. Buckwheat hull pillows provide a conforming support to your head and neck , have a natural smell, and a long life-span. Although buckwheat pillows are eco-friendly, the natural smell from the plant might not be favorable to some customers. Crunching and rustling noices are also created when you move around during your sleep. Buckwheat pillows might be a natural and eco-friendly choice for some sleepers, but it might not be a popular pillow choice.

g. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Pillow

Being endorsed by the famous celebrity in South Korea, EPS foam pillow becomes one of the trendy options in these few years. It is filled with micro air balls which are made from expanded polystyrene, providing support to their users. The major features of the Addiction Pillow are antibacterial and washable, avoiding any skin problems caused by dust mites and bacteria. However, this type of pillow might not provide enough support to the users and could not be fully adjusted according to their specific needs. Therefore, if you love to try out something new, or suffer from skin problems right now, Addiction Pillow would be a choice for you.

h. Others

Water Pillow: If latex pillows or memory foam pillows suit your needs, but your pockets are not deep enough for them, you may consider this very affordable and accessible alternative -- water pillows. The height and firmness of water pillows can be adjusted simply by adding or removing the water. Water pillows can also mold to the shape of your neck which help ease neck pain. Though they are easy to adjust and economical, they are not as fluffy and moldable as water is stored inside a plastic or silica gel bag. If you are looking for a pillow that can perfectly contour the shape of your neck and head , you might want to opt in for a memory foam pillow instead.  

Gel Pillow: Gel is frequently coupled with latex and memory foam, it can act as a cooling layer to avoid overheating during your sleep, and also help with pressure relief and cushioning.  When used solely in a pillow, it carries the same features as latex pillows and memory foam pillows. However, gel pillows tend to shift and clump over time. And they are possibly susceptible to dust mites which could give you allergies. So if you get hot easily during the night, opt in for a gel pillow.

Should I Choose a Firm Pillow or a Soft Pillow?

best pillows in hong kong

This is the ultimate question when it comes to pillow shopping -- a firm pillow or a soft pillow? There are all kinds of pillow buying guidelines online and leaflets placed inside department stores teaching you how to choose the best pillow or the most comfortable pillow. (Even this one that you are reading). Yes, there is certain advice that pillow shops or bedding companies can offer. You could even go to a doctor for advice if you are looking for a pillow for neck pain or a pillow for back pain. Pillow shopping, however, as we have mentioned at the very beginning, is all about personal needs and preferences. There is no point if you opt for a pillow that both the salesperson and pillow buying guideline recommend but you do not feel comfortable sleeping on it. So, how to choose a pillow? A firm pillow or a soft pillow? Simply go with the pillow that makes you feel the best, then that is the best pillow for you. 

Which Type of Pillow Matches my Sleeping Position and what is the Ideal Height of Pillow?

a. Pillows for Side Sleepers

best pillows in hong kong

Ideal height of pillow for side sleepers would be approximately 5 - 7 inches in order to give proper support to the neck, head and shoulders. Side sleepers are recommended to opt for medium-firm pillows as they have a bigger space between their head and mattress when compared to sleepers of other positions. A medium-firm pillow can help better fill up the space and achieve alignment of the head and neck.

b. Pillows for Back Sleepers

best pillows in hong kong

Ideal height of pillow for back sleepers would be approximately 4 - 6 inches. Medium-firm pillows are also suitable for back sleepers as they provide support to sleepers’  neck and upper spinal region. Supportive pillows can also help back sleepers to keep their head positioned upright as their shoulders tend to be pulled to the sides due to gravity.

c. Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

best pillows in hong kong

First thing first, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. It is stressful to your back and neck as they are unnaturally bended upward. But still, if you feel comfortable sleeping on your stomach, please choose a pillow which is approximately 3-inch thick as it is the ideal pillow height for stomach sleepers. If you cannot find a 3-inch pillow, any medium loft pillows that are between 3 - 5 inches would fit stomach sleepers as well. Bear in mind to choose a pillow that is relatively flat so that your neck and back will not be bended further upward and strained.

d. Pillows for Combined-position Sleepers

While there is a recommended ideal pillow height for other sleepers, it is hard to make suggestions to combined-position sleepers about the ideal height of the pillow as it depends how their sleeping positions vary and which position they stay for the longest time. But in general, we would suggest combined-position sleepers to look for pillows that are approximately 4 - 5 inches high. Combined-position sleepers should also ensure that the pillows are adjustable in order to ensure their neck and spine are aligned throughout the night regardless of how they sleep. 

Choose the Perfect Pillow for the Best Night Rest

For many people, the sheer number of pillow options and brands on the market can be overwhelming. But finding 5 star hotel quality pillows with features that suit your personal needs is not easy. Whether you are looking for the softest 5 star hotel pillow or the supportive memory foam pillow that lets you choose your pillow firmness and height , we’ve got you covered.

Innovative Memory Foam Pillow -- The Miracle Pillow

best memory foam pillow in hong kong

Looking for an advanced pillow that can be sculpted exclusively according to your head shape and preference? The Miracle Pillow might be what you are looking for. Known for its ability to revolutionize the way we sleep, The Miracle Pillow is designed with a purpose - to offer proper support, contour around your head, and soothe sore neck muscles, all in one design. Our memory foam pillow is topped with a layer of ultra-soft microfiber with removable inner memory foam layers, creating a miraculously comfortable and supportive two-sided option that can give you personalized pillow firmness and height at the same time. Two removable foam layers are added to the pillow’s middle chamber for an adjustable pillow height preference. Additionally, the vented gusset, which increases airflow, and the PeachFiber Cover have rocketed the ventilation. The PeachFiber Cover is made of an athletic-grade material that draws heat away from your head and keeps you cool all night long. This innovative material is more durable than polyester and softer than silk. The flip-ability and adjustability of The Miracle Pillow make it one of the best pillows in Hong Kong, perfect for all types of sleepers, especially those who prefer a memory foam pillow but want to personalize their pillow firmness and height. Check out the new adjustable Miracle Pillow.

best memory foam pillow in hong kong

Opting for a Soft Hotel Pillow

fluffy pillow

Like to fold or hug your pillow while sleeping? Or prop it up against your headboard so you can lean on it while watching TV? There's a good chance you prefer a traditional down or feather pillow -- you know, the fluffy hotel pillows you enjoyed from your vacation.

For those who prefer this type of traditional feather pillow, we made two versions: the Loft Pillow and the OnePillow. The Loft Pillow is our softest and fluffiest pillow whereas the OnePillow is soft but has extra support and contouring in its middle layer so it never goes flat. Let’s take a closer look at both pillows.

The Loft Pillow

best hotel quality pillow in hong kong

Stuffed with plush down-like microfiber, The Loft Pillow is the softest and fluffiest pillow in Hong Kong. How did we make a pillow so fluffy? The secret lies in the filling of our pillow. The Loft Pillow is filled with millions of hypoallergenic microfibers which are less than 1 denier in diameter. These microfibers are soft and breathable, engineered to mimic natural down so it is lofty, light, and incredibly soft. The pillow is also wrapped in PeachFiber Cover, which will bring your downtime to a whole new level. Did I mention that there are two pillow heights for you to choose?  5 star hotel pillows are dreamy, soft and comfy which make people obsessed with them. But there is one thing about them that always gets in the way of a high-quality sleep -- the height. While the 5 star hotel pillows are absolutely fluffy and cushy, oftentimes they are too high or too low. Not only does it impede you on getting a perfect night’s sleep, it could also give you neck pain if you buy a random hotel pillow on the market and sleep on it every day. This is why we are offering two pillow heights: 13cm and 15cm. This 2cm difference means a lot to your neck as well as your sleep. Pick the height that you feel the best sleeping on, and a carefree hotel-comfortable shuteye will be on the way.

The OnePillow

best hotel quality pillow in hong kong

Do you like how soft a hotel pillow feels but hate how it flattens out the moment you lay your head down? This is another big issue of usual hotel pillows and also the reason why we designed The OnePillow for you. It is perfect for all sleepers who love a 5 star hotel pillow but prefer having more support. The OnePillow is stuffed with soft microfiber filling with an adjustable layer of interlocking memory foam in the middle which provides support to your head. This combination of materials makes the pillow soft and fluffy meanwhile never goes flat and always able to cradle your head. Surely, The OnePillow also takes care of the pillow height issue. You can modify the pillow height by simply unzipping the middle layer and add or remove the interlocking memory foam. It can be adjusted to any height under 20cm. This pillow also comes with the PeachFiber Cover which guarantees you to stay fresh throughout the night.

Why The Right Pillow Matters

comfiest pillow

Not only is a supportive pillow essential for a good night’s rest, but it should also suit our individual sleeping needs. The right pillow should make you comfortable. It should also be able to help you get rid of the issues you have with sleeping, be it with your posture or the duration. Take sleepers with low back pain issues as an example. A study found that, after using a lumbar support pillow with a special design of a cut-out for posterior pelvis tissues, their comfort in sleep has objectively ameliorated. Another research has also shown that, sleeping quality of sleepers with neck pain has a more obvious improvement after using the experimental semi-customized cervical pillow, when compared to sleeping on a conventional pillow. I think you would understand now that if you are suffering from certain issues but willing to invest time to find a pillow that comes with the features you need, an untroubled doze-off and a healthy physical state would come to you in no time.

What else should you consider when buying a Pillow? 

best pillows in hong kong

Apart from the mentioned issues, for instance, firmness, height and breathability, there are a few more crucial factors you should take into account: 

1. Try the pillow in person

Notwithstanding all the advice given by our blogs or others’, it is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable with the pillow. Recommendations are, after all, for your reference only. No matter how many pillow buying guides you have gone through online and how professional and coherent their advice is, the pillow that is recommended to your type of sleeping position or your needs, may still fail to give you the best experience. In order to avoid this disappointment, we highly recommend trying the pillow in person. Not only the pillow that you are advised to, but also the rest of them with other features . In this way, it is more likely for you to buy a pillow that suits you the best with one-shot.

2. Certification.

Make sure the pillow is certified and approved. Almost one-third of your day is spent on the pillow and it almost has no distance to your face. It is ultimately important to reassure the pillow that it is proven to be safe with no potentially detrimental ingredients that may make you wake up with face swelling or face bumps. 

3. Return policy or trial period.

Again, this is one thing that people would take very seriously when it comes to buying a mattress or bed frame, but neglect every time when they are buying a pillow. There are all kinds of pillows on the market and they have various features and characteristics. It would take your head and neck some time to figure out if the new pillow is befitting. The in-store trial is way too brief for you to make a decision right away. It is highly possible, and indeed common, that people realize the pillow is not compatible with their body or needs after sleeping on it for a few days or weeks. To avoid frittering your money away, find out if the store is providing a return policy or trial period before making your purchase. And remember never force yourself to sleep on an unfit pillow. 

Why Hush Home Pillows?

hush home pillows

The price range of pillows in Hong Kong varies widely. Chain pillow shops are selling them from approximately $50 - 500 while small businesses are offering them at around $700 - 1200. If you would like to make an order from international brands, it would be roughly from $800 - 1500, and don’t forget you will be charged extra for international shipping. So, there are countless pillows on the market with basically all prices, why should you pick our pillows? 

1. The price. 

Our pillows fall into the price range of $600 - 1000. Right, they definitely do not have the most appealing price tags But could you find another 5 star hotel-quality pillow on the market within the same price range? We doubt that. Our pillows are sold at the finest quality with the most pocket-friendly prices possible so that they can be attainable to more sleepers. 

2. The unique feature. 

There are labels offering only one pillow option and some giving you manifold choices. But there is one thing that they are in common -- their pillows are not adjustable. We could not emphasize enough on how important it is to your sleep and wellness that a pillow can be customized according to your own needs and preferences.

3. 100-night Trial

As we have mentioned above, your body needs some time to find out if the new product is compatible with it. This does not only apply to pillows, but also beddings and mattresses. Therefore, we are offering a 100-night trial. Within these 100 days, if you find out you’re not 100% in love with the pillow, mattress or bedding, feel free to return it and get your money back. We want to make sure our customers are finding the right sleep products for their needs. 

With 5 star hotel comfort, innovative features and home trial, our pillows could be attached with hefty price tags. But we are working hard to make our pillows accessible to everyday sleepers. Why? Because everyone deserves a first-rate shuteye after a tied-up day. It is our mission and goal to improve the sleep quality and wellness of not only our customers, but also the general public. 

Does your Mattress matter to your Pillow Choice?

hush home pillows

Surely, if you would like a guaranteed perfect rest every single night, you could not pay any less attention to the selection of your mattress. Imagine having the right pillow - designed for your sleeping position and able to take care of your sleeping issues, meanwhile having a mediocre mattress that merely works as a separation between the floor and your body, there is no way you could enjoy a shuteye of the finest quality. 

Where should you look for a new mattress? As mentioned, it would be ideal if you purchase your pillows and bedding together to make sure they get along seamlessly. So if you  want to try out one of our comfy premium pillows (which would be our great honour!), why don’t you check out our famous mattresses as well? Our two hybrid mattresses satisfy the needs of different sleepers in terms of support, breathability and bedroom space. Stay with us for a few more minutes and find out if our mattresses capture your attention. With no further ado, let me bring you to our mattresses now.