Do you know where to buy a mattress topper in Hong Kong? Everyone deserves a good night's sleep and a mattress topper or mattress pad could be your secret weapon! You may wonder why people need a mattress topper in Hong Kong when you have your own mattress. But what if you are no longer enjoying the good night sleep you used to have on your mattress? Some people may buy a new mattress (if you are one of them, feel free to check out our Mattress Buying Guide for more information and tips), meanwhile some may want to save money by shopping for a mattress topper instead. That is why we are here to dive deep into Hong Kong mattress toppers and provide more guidance for you to choose one!

We know that many buyers are unsure whether having a mattress topper is beneficial or not. Feeling confused about using a mattress topper on a hard mattress? Struggling to choose between a mattress topper and a mattress pad? Then it’s time for you to read through our blog, and learn everything about mattress toppers in Hong Kong. It will definitely lead you to more restful nights!

Welcome to our 2024 ultimate guide to buying the perfect mattress topper in Hong Kong.

Mattress Topper Product Guide: Table of Contents

  1. Why do I need a mattress topper in Hong Kong?
  2. 5 Benefits of adding a mattress topper or mattress pad to your mattress:
    1. Adjust the level of comfort
    2. Extend the lifespans of your mattress
    3. Breathe new life into an old mattress
    4. Get the ideal sleep temperature
    5. Upgrade your sleep in an affordable way
  3. Are there any differences between a mattress topper and a mattress pad?
  4. 6 things to consider when choosing a mattress topper:
    1. Mattress topper materials
      1. Memory foam
        1. Gel memory foam
        2. High-density memory foam or orthopedic foam
      2. Latex
      3. Polyester blends
      4. Feathers
      5. Wool
    2. Mattress topper firmness
      1. Soft mattress toppers
      2. Firm mattress toppers
      3. Medium mattress toppers
      4. Double-sided mattress toppers
    3. Mattress topper thickness
    4. Mattress topper size
    5. Mattress topper features
      1. Breathability
      2. Two-sided design
      3. Hypoallergenic
    6. Where should I shop for a mattress topper in Hong Kong?
      1. Buy mattress topper online with speedy delivery
      2. Home trial is a must
      3. Try before you buy
  5. Should I buy a mattress topper or a new mattress?

1. Why do I need a mattress topper in Hong Kong?

How do you know you need a mattress topper? Have you ever gotten up with unexpected lower back pain in the morning? Your mattress could be one of the prime culprits! Feeling back pain, undergoing sleep deprivation, tossing and turning all night long are some signals that are telling you to switch out your regular mattress to a new one. An aging mattress may depreciate, hence purchasing a new mattress or adding a mattress topper on top of your regular one can reduce back discomfort as well as add on an extra level of comfort.

Make sure you check out our blog on signs that remind you to replace your old mattress immediately to find out more details!


2. 5 Benefits of adding a mattress topper or mattress pad to your mattress:

You may wonder what a mattress topper or mattress pad is. Generally speaking, a mattress topper or mattress pad acts as a thick layer on top of your mattress in order to upgrade the mattress. There are tons of benefits that a mattress topper can give you, and it will go a long way in supporting you to get restful sleep.

a. Adjust the level of comfort

If you are not feeling comfortable with the firmness of your mattress, placing a mattress topper on top could be a quick fix since mattress toppers are thick enough to revise the firmness of your mattress, either firming up the mattress or softening it. In other words, mattress toppers are an alternative to adjust the firmness of your mattress (without buying a whole new mattress!). When you purchase a mattress topper, you are basically paying for a more luxurious level of comfort to make your sleeping environment even better than it already is .


b. Extend the lifespans of your mattress

No matter whether you are sleeping on a brand-new or a worn-out mattress, investing in a mattress topper can assuredly add longevity to your own mattress. This thick layer that stays on top of the mattress can surely take on some of the weight-bearing stress of sleeping, tossing, and turning on the bed every night, hence can help extend the lifespans of your mattress.

c. Breathe new life into an old mattress

The best and simplest way to reinvigorate an old mattress is to add a mattress topper on top of it. The long-term pressure of a sleeping body may wear the mattress down. Even if the mattress was kept in a good condition, it can still deteriorate over a long period of time. The flexible firmness of an old mattress may lead to an uncomfortable sleeping experience. Using a mattress topper can breathe new life into your existing mattress and revive your old mattress.

d. Get the ideal sleep temperature

Cooler sleep is better sleep. Because our metabolism rates slow down when we are sleeping, our bodies require a cooler environment to help our body temperature cool down enough to fall asleep, then reach a level of deeper sleep. If you are currently sleeping hot, try to add a cooling mattress topper made with cooling gel memory foam which is continuously cool to touch!

e. Upgrade your sleep in an affordable way

Save your money! A general mattress topper usually falls between $1,000 and $4,000, whereas a mattress can cost $30,000 to $50,000. The most important factor that drives up a topper’s price is the material composition. The higher the quality of the material used, the more expensive the mattress topper is. For people who are not ready to replace a new mattress due to the expensive cost, buying a mattress topper is a more price-friendly and efficient option for you to consider. Although a topper serves you with a lot of benefits, buying a new mattress is also a long-term investment if your mattress has been used for more than 7-8 years.

3. Are there any differences between a mattress topper and a mattress pad?


Definitely yes! If people want to add a plush layer between their mattress and the fitted sheet, the options are either the mattress topper or mattress pad. A lot of consumers will mix up these two items if they do not really do research on them since both of them seem to offer similar functions. What’s the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad? A mattress topper is basically an upgraded version of a mattress pad. The biggest difference between a topper and a pad is the thickness. The topper is thicker than the pad. Since a topper is a much thicker layer than a pad, a topper adds more support to the mattress whereas the mattress pad only adds a touch of softness. A mattress pad is designed for people who want a thin layer of comfort. For a mattress topper, its primary purpose is to adjust the firmness level of your mattress. Because of the difference in thickness, a mattress topper can significantly change the feel and longevity of your original mattress.

4. 6 things to consider when choosing a mattress topper:

If you are second-guessing the quality of your mattress, maybe it’s time for you to buy a mattress topper. With our mattress topper buying checklist below, you can choose the perfect mattress topper without any stress!

a. Mattress topper materials

i. Memory foam

If you are looking for ultimate plushness and firmness, a memory foam mattress topper should be a good choice for you. It provides a softer foam layer on top as well as a dense foam underneath for more support.

Gel memory foam

Infused with either gel beads or swirling liquid gel, a gel memory foam topper can cool down the body temperature by dissipating our body heat. You can maintain your body temperature steady throughout the night while cool gel can also increase the recovery you experience through sleep. Since research has shown that people usually experience the best recovery between 60 to 67°F, degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 16 to 19°C, degree Celsius), your body will need to spend energy to stay cool that may lower the sleeping quality. Never underestimate the power of a cooler environment to get a good night’s sleep.


High-density memory foam or orthopedic foam

Made of special polyurethane foam with increased density, the conforming nature of memory foam or orthopedic foam provides a pressure relief function, so as to relieve the pressure points while you sleep on a firm mattress. Since this material can contour your sleeping body posture adaptively, it will keep your spine straight while you sleep. More importantly, it helps you to relieve back, hip, and shoulder pain.

ii. Latex

Generally saying, latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree. But since there are different types of latex, latex mattress toppers mainly come with three types, including 100% natural latex, natural latex, and pure latex. For 100% natural latex, it is made with 100% natural rubber latex, hence it is also the most expensive one among the three. A 100% natural latex mattress topper can reduce the pressure on your muscles and body circulatory system. Most natural latex toppers, it’s usually made with 85% natural rubber latex and 15% synthetic latex to cut costs. For pure latex, it is made with 20% natural rubber latex and 80% synthetic latex. Since pure latex has been uninformed at the molecular level, it is easier for firms to manufacture. Be aware! Sometimes, some brands try to cut down their cost and they might not indicate the latex to be used. Thus, they might sell you a lower quality product. Be more conscious when you are looking for a latex product, and ask the brand for more detailed material information before you purchase. More importantly, some people may be allergic to latex. If you have any skin issues when sleeping on latex, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

iii. Polyester blends

Polyester blends should be the least expensive among all kinds of materials. It is a synthetic material that is washable as well as wrinkle-resistant. However, it may not have enough support and cushioning.

iv. Feathers

Feathers are less expensive compared with other materials. It is extremely soft to provide a high level of plushness but it does not provide enough support most of the time. The biggest concern of sleeping on a feather bed is feather allergy. If you have a feather allergy, you may want to ask for a sample to see if you have a reaction before purchasing a feather mattress topper. Also, if you are concerned about animal rights, we suggest you consider other options.

v. Wool

A wool mattress topper is more uncommon and rare compared with wool mattress pads. Buy a wool one if you just want a little bit more cushioning, since it is unable to provide you with the supporting function. The benefit of using this material is it can make you feel warm in winter. Similar to feather mattress toppers, you may want to look for other mattress topper materials if you’re concerned about animal rights.


Expert tip: If you are looking for ultimate firmness and plushness at the same time, look for a mattress topper that combines 2 firmness levels, preferably made from two premium high-density foams such as gel memory foam and high-density orthopedic foam. Why is a hybrid foam topper always a good choice? This is because a perfect mattress topper should have a combination of all the characteristics that suit you! Feel free to check out the Dual Mattress Topper for a prime example of a hybrid mattress topper that combines 2 premium foam layers.

b. Mattress topper firmness

With any feel factor, it is fairly subjective. Firmness is a subjective concept as your feeling and experience on a mattress topper may be different than another person. Therefore, we are going to explain how to choose a firmness level for your mattress topper that suits you the most.


i. Soft mattress toppers

A soft mattress topper is great if your original mattress is too hard. If your original mattress is harder than you need, it may not be good for your body. If you are not sure whether your mattress is too hard for you or not, here are some symptoms that you can beware of.

Firstly, the mattress does not contour to your body at all when you get into bed. If the mattress is unable to curve with your body, it may not be suitable for you. Secondly, waking up with back pain is another significant sign of a ‘too hard’ bed. If you feel a little bit of back pain when you wake, it may be a signal for you to adjust the firmness level. Thirdly, turning all night in an effort to find a comfortable position. If you need a long period of time to fall asleep, then it could be an alarming experience for you to consider changing your mattress.

If you are a strict side sleeper, your shoulders and hips will sink deeper into the mattress when sleeping, which means you’re likely to feel more “in '' the mattress than “on top” of it. A softer mattress topper is distinguished by deep sinkage and body contouring, which can help alleviate the pressure points of your body. Therefore, if your mattress is too firm, a soft mattress topper makes it more comfortable for your sleep.

ii. Firm mattress toppers

A firm mattress topper is great if your original mattress is too soft. If your original mattress is too soft, it may not be good for supporting your body. Same as a ‘too hard’ mattress, a ‘too soft’ mattress also comes with some symptoms.

First, you wake up with a sore lower back. It is important to make sure that your bed is giving you enough support for your body, especially your spine. Second, you are always feeling groggy and dizzy throughout the day. Sometimes, a ‘too soft’ bed can make people feel unsupportive and thus you may not wake up energetic the next morning. These symptoms could be a sign of renewing or upgrading your mattress.

If you are a back sleeper, you may prefer a firmer level of mattress. Why? Well, one of the ultimate goals is to lift your body, spine and lower back into a neutral alignment. Therefore, a firmer mattress is needed in order to add more support to your body and make you more comfortable while sleeping.

iii. Medium mattress toppers

If you do not want to sleep on a mattress topper that is ‘too soft’ or ‘too firm’, a medium mattress topper may be more suitable for you.

Since mattress toppers generally feel firmer to lighter persons, an individual who weighs less than 130 pounds may find that the medium mattress topper feels firm. Similarly, a heavier person may find that a medium mattress feels soft. A medium mattress may be preferred if you fear the extremes of being too soft or too firm.

iv. Double-sided mattress toppers

By combining two layers in one mattress topper, a double-sided mattress topper can provide you with a double delight of comfort in one single product. Sometimes, a lot of buyers may not know what they really need, and some of them want to try both soft and firm at the same time. Thus, the combination of plushness and firmness may satisfy this type of sleepers since you can flip your mattress topper whenever you want. Sleepers can decide the perfect firmness after trying both sides of a mattress topper. Feel free to check out the latest double-sided mattress topper in Hong Kong.


c. Mattress topper thickness

A mattress topper is prone to fall in the range of one to three inches thick. Normally, a thicker mattress topper will be the optimal choice for those who crave a perceptibly higher level of support while they sleep. If you like the firm feeling of your bed but want to add a little more support for your body, go with a mattress topper thickness of 2 inches.

d. Mattress topper size

We highly recommend you choose a topper size that fits your existing mattress! Most of the toppers offer the same range of sizes as a mattress. From Single to King, you can choose from the standard range of mattress sizes. You may find that mattress topper sizes are slightly different among brands but don’t worry, a difference of up to 4 centimeters between your mattress and your topper will still fit nicely. That said, it’s a good idea to know the basic sizes! Refer to our mattress size guide for a handy list of sizing information.

e. Mattress topper features

i. Breathability

Breathability is one of the most important features that you should look into when you choose a mattress topper. If the material itself is not breathable, it would trap perspiration. You may be confused about how fabrics breathe? By ventilation, the porous fabrics allow moisture to pass through itself directly. Not only should the surface of the mattress topper be breathable, but the material used on the side of the topper is also important to pay attention to! Having a vented gusset on the side can also attain a higher level of breathability. Therefore, always look for a mattress topper with high breathability!

ii. Two-sided design

The biggest advantage of the two-sided design is that you have more options based on the firmness level you prefer. The double-sided topper provides a better return on investment, and it will be a more cost-effective solution for people who have a little budget. The cost of buying a dual-layered mattress topper will be worth every penny. By paying one price, you own two toppers.

iii. Hypoallergenic

Remember to choose a hypoallergenic mattress topper! This is the most important element for people who have sensitive skin to consider when purchasing a mattress topper. By using a hypoallergenic topper, there will be a lower risk of allergen with less toxic chemicals. A mattress topper that is made of hypoallergenic fibers is free from pollutants which means that it is a skin-friendly topper! More importantly, this type of substance is very soft and smooth, which is especially good for people who have skin rashes.

f. Where should I shop for a mattress topper in Hong Kong?


i. Buy mattress topper online with speedy delivery!

Do you want to enjoy better sleep as soon as possible? If yes, then pick one that can deliver straight to your door. We recommend you choose the company which can offer a prompt delivery service and also an in-home setup.

ii. Home trial is a must!

A home trial is the best way to ensure that you can evaluate your purchase of a mattress topper and make sure it is perfect for you. As your body needs more time to see if the new product is suitable for you or not, we believe a home trial is crucial for you to find out if the product that you bought matches you or not. We provide a 30 days home trial for consumers. Within these 30 days, you can return your mattress topper to us if you don’t feel comfortable with your purchase. Buy a mattress topper online now!

iii. Try before you buy!

Remember to visit a store before making a purchase of your mattress topper. Try to sleep on the mattress topper and compare different models to see which one suits you the most. Also, don’t forget to ask the salesperson in-store to describe more about the topper for you. Feel free to make a booking to our showroom and try out our mattress topper!

5. Should I buy a mattress topper or a new mattress?


Think before you buy! Mattress topper is an affordable way to upgrade a shabby mattress or even make a new mattress more comfortable. The benefits of a mattress topper are plentiful, soon you will see a big change in your sleeping quality. Try to do more research and compare various types of mattress toppers, then you could enjoy the bliss which is suitable for you.

For many people, a mattress topper is their ideal sleeping mate. For others, a mattress topper may not be the best solution. As mentioned, if your mattress has been used for 7-8 years and there is a visible indication showing that your mattress is obviously sagging, consider replacing it with a new hybrid mattress!