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Osaka Hinode Hotel mattress bedding duvet bed sheets pillow

If you loved sleeping at Osaka Hinode Hotel,
you can now sleep in luxury every night

A Better Sleep Experience

Osaka Hinode Hotel asked us to create a more supportive, more comfortable sleep experience for their guests
Best pillow for neck pain
Head and Neck Support
The right pillow provides the perfect support where you need it, so your head isn't propped at an angle, which can cause discomfort and sleeplessness.
best mattress for back pain
Back Support and Spinal Alignment
The right mattress maintains good sleep posture so your spine is straight and your lower back is firmly supported.
best mattress pain relief
Comfort and Pressure Relief
The right amount of plush comfort and pressure relief will cradle your shoulders and hips and help you fall asleep faster.

Our Solution

So we designed, prototyped, and perfected the Miracle Pillow and Hush Mattress.

It's the only hotel sleep system available for worldwide delivery to your bedroom.
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The Miracle Pillow &
Hush Mattress
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Testimonials to Great Sleep

premium mattress pillow bed sheets duvet bedding
Hinode hotel best mattress
"A perfect night's rest is so important"

A perfect night's rest is so important to our guests, and Hush Home helped us custom-design the ideal sleep environment.

We proudly feature the Miracle Pillow and Hush Mattress in our hotel. The design is innovative, the materials are luxury, and the build quality is premium. As a hotel, we know a guest who's sleeping well is a guest who is happier, more productive, and more likely to return.

Eisho Imasaka
Hinode Hotel Operations Manager
hinode hotel bedding pillow mattress duvet bed sheets
"Guests can bring luxury sleep into their own bedrooms"

I can't count the number of times guests will come to the lobby asking about the pillow and mattress. They love them!

We received so many inquiries that we asked Hush Home to let our guests order the Miracle Pillow and Hush Mattress for their own bedrooms. It makes us feel really great -- knowing that guests can bring a part of Hinode Hotel back home.

Asae Miyu
Hinode Hotel Front Desk Manager
hotel mattress pillow bedding duvet bed sheets
Osaka hotel mattress pillow bedding duvet bed sheets
"A big difference when sleeping"

Guests are obsessed with the Miracle Pillow. Really. It's soft on one side and firm on another. Sounds simple, but it really makes a big difference when sleeping.

Alex Chan
Hinode Hotel Concierge

Osaka Hinode Hotel

Ebisu-nishi 1-2-10, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0003, Japan