It’s widely accepted that a good sleep night’s is the key to waking with the physical and mental energy to make the most of the day ahead for everyone, and when you’re pregnant, this is especially important because you need you need enough sleep for two! To celebrate your first Mother’s Day, we’ve got all the information you could possibly need to get the best night’s sleep you can when pregnant – from sleeping positions to bedding selection – so sit back with your bump and relax as you discover how to sleep when pregnant:

What is pregnancy insomnia?

Pregnancy insomnia is the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep. The good news is that unlike normal insomnia, pregnancy insomnia is caused almost exclusively by physical changes that will mostly disappear after the arrival of your baby. So, let’s tackle the most common problems:                    


Sleep problem #1 – Constantly tired

The key here is to snooze… a quick 20-minute daytime nap is fine. Any more and you really will have trouble falling asleep later on in the evening.

Sleep problem #2 – Feeling sick

If you suffer from nausea before bedtime, try a herbal tea or warm milk drink before bed. A nibble on a ginger biscuit is also recommended - although too many can lead to heartburn...

Sleep problem #3 - Heartburn

Give your food extra time to digest before hitting the sack and try sleeping in a slightly heads-up position and you’ll encourage acid to stay where it should be.

Sleep problem #4 – Anxiety

Enroll in a birthing class if you are feeling unprepared or do some light exercise or yoga to calm yourself.



Sleep problem #5 – Accommodating your bump in bed

Sleeping on your side is the recommended position to make sleep most cozy for you and baby. Experts say that it is better for you than sleeping on front or back. Specifically, if you rest on the left-hand side, it allows maximum blood flow between you and your child and prevents pressure on the liver as your pregnancy progresses.


Sleep problem #6 – Getting (and staying) comfortable

There are 3 elements that make up the ideal sleeping environment when pregnant. Firstly, you need a suitable mattress. Like our Hush Mattress™, your should have a good degree of firmness that offers support to you and movement isolation to ensure your partner is undisturbed by your bathroom trips and other physical movements. Pocket coils offer the core support needed for those carrying extra weight. Extra comfort can be added to a mattress with memory foam or other premium foam layers. In addition, look for a mattress with a feature called edge support such as our EdgeSupport System™ which re-enforces the edge of your mattress which will provide a larger sleeping surface and firm support at the edge of your mattress so you can lay in comfort without feeling like you will slip off. 

Secondly, your pillow choice is vital for support not just of your neck, but also for your changing body. Your body will crave complete support and comfort around the tummy and back area; you can invest in special pregnancy pillows, but regular hypoallergenic sleeping pillows are just as good. A high-quality pillow filled with a combination of memory foam and down-like material - will ensure maximum flexibility in one product. Make sure the pillow is breathable and provides perfect air circulation in warm or colder climes. Our OnePillow™ is the perfect soft fluffy choice that will see you through your pregnancy and beyond.

The OnePillow™

Sleep problem #7 – Temperature changes

Don’t be afraid to break from the norm and have your room warmer or cooler than normal – as with everything else in pregnancy - let your hormones lead the way! The use of air con, heating, fans and high-quality cotton bedding will all prove invaluable.

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