5 Must-Have Christmas Naps and Snoozes!

As a child, Christmas is a time of sheer delight, from the anticipation and arrival of Santa to the endless food and the presents, oh the presents! However, as an adult, Christmas gets a little more, well, serious. The festive day doesn’t just happen. It has to be planned with military precision to ensure your loved ones and family’s day goes with a bang rather than a whimper. With so much to do, is it possible a little snooze here and there is sensible? Yes, and we’ll go so far as to say it’s even wise, to help you through the party season with sanity and dignity intact....... Find out how to fit in your strategic snoozes here:

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The “I’ve just got to pop home and change my shoes” snooze

Christmas parties are a great chance to let your hair down and enjoy some food, drink and dancing with your friends and colleagues. However, if you are not the office junior, the thought of heading out straight from work and staying out until taxis become pumpkins may not appeal. Hence, heading home under any one of many guises (others include: forgot my purse, kids need picking up, Lassie needs walking) will give you the chance to catch 20 winks before painting the town red. Everyone will be so busy with the free food and drink they won’t even notice your late entrance.

The “I’ve got some last minute wrapping to do” snooze

What better excuse do you need to grab a quick nap than this classic. Grab some wrapping paper, tape and scissors and head to the bedroom for at least half an hour of guaranteed quiet. Everyone will assume you are wrapping their present, so will not want to disturb you in case they ruin the surprise.. you win and they win!

The “Wow, Santa’s here” snooze

Everyone wants just five more minutes in bed pretty much every morning, but on Christmas morning, knowing the busy day you have ahead, a snooze in the early hours of the 25th is the pinnacle of coveted sleep. But how can you achieve this? If you have little ones who have been awaiting Santa’s arrival since the previous Boxing Day, then this snooze is easy for you to pull off. When the rascals run into your room at some ungodly hour with stockings in hand, wanting to share their joy with you, sit bolt upright, cup your ear and claim that you can still hear the reindeer on the roof. Suggest that if they go back to bed and are really quiet, they too might hear him or even, if they are really lucky, catch a glimpse out the window – but only if Santa doesn’t realize they are awake... Back to bed they go and you get at least 20 extra minutes to nap!

The “Post Lunch Nap” Snooze

After a sumptuous lunch, rich pudding and consuming more chocolates and treats than the average person eats in a whole month, a nap or snooze in the afternoon, normally whilst relaxing in front of a Christmas film on TV, is a given. But Grandma has had a little too much sherry and is snoring away, your partner is attacking the cheese plate while seeming to battle with an undiagnosed deep-sleep disorder and your furry friend has definitely had a brussel sprout or two too many (really stinky!). Attempting a snooze in this environment is just silly so why share your precious nap time with your guests when you can sneak away to solitary bliss without anyone noticing? Exit the room quietly and carefully  (avoiding hazards such as dis-guarded wrapping paper or Lego parts will help you to avoid making any unnecessary noise) and head to your bedroom for a quick 20 winks.

The “Christmas Games” snooze

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Once the post-lunch food coma has worn off, it’s possible your guests will get a second wind. Fear not, this is just another snooze opportunity if you play your cards right. Games are the perfect way to bring everyone together, tire them out and finish them off! Avoid board games and go for something active - charades is perfect as a starter! When you can see signs of general tiredness, it’s time to play your trump card – suggest a game of hide and seek. You might not make it to the comfort of your bed, but if you have pre-planned this you should be able to find a cozy corner that is hidden enough to allow a snooze – albeit only a quick one! If you want to extend your nap potential, you could get the seeker to count to 100 instead of 20!

Now you can use these secret naps strategically during the holiday season. Merry Christmas and happy sleeping from your family at Hush Home!