Spring cleaning is a traditional custom before the celebration of Chinese New Year.  Many elders want to tidy up and declutter the mess from this past year to prepare for a clean start in the upcoming new year.  Over New Years, Hong Kongers will discard old items and replace them with new items as a superstitious metaphor of getting rid of bad luck. But in 2019, throwing away your old stuff may simply add to environmental problems......why not use a more sustainable approach that upgrades your home essentials while giving back to the community?

Looking for tips on decluttering your home and how to donate your items? We recommend watching the new (and very popular) Netflix show “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo. But if you don’t have time to watch the entire series, you can check out our top tips for a complete home detox.

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What do we mean by undergoing a complete home detox? We don’t mean simply discarding the old to make way for the new. We mean introducing the practice of minimalism into your life by actively decluttering, upgrading your essentials, and focusing your attention on items that spark joy. This approach helps you make way to see what truly matters in life and helps you create a space that you can share with the people you love.

Sound “zen”? Sure, but it’s completely achievable!  You can improve your spring cleaning checklist with our top home detox tips below.

  1. Declutter your home to make room for your new life

    The first and most essential step is to start by decluttering your home. Here is an important tip: pick items by category, not room. When you consider any item, ask yourself these two questions:

    - Do I need this?
    - Does it spark joy in my life?

    If you find yourself saying no to either one of these questions, you can try recycling it -- or even better -- you can consider donating it to people in need.

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    The decision may be tough because we all know that we have so many household items that aren’t essential or sparking joy, but if you follow this rule strictly, you’ll be practicing the art of “Danshari”.  The Japanese believe “Danshari” helps people ditch a lifestyle focused on materialism and clears their mind to focus on your higher purpose in life.

  2. Donate your old household items

    Of course, we understand the sentimental attachment you have over the extra pair of jeans you bought yourself in the last summer sale. And it won’t be easy to just throw them  in a garbage bag and let them fall into a landfill in Hong Kong.

    So here’s a great new year’s resolution for 2019. While targeting a minimalist living style, you can give your used household items a second life - instead of throwing them away after your home detox, you can choose to donate them!  Visit our Home Detox Charity Campaign and see how to donate while doing your spring cleaning. Doing so can spark joy for people in need!

  3. Dust off your furniture

    After the decluttering, the cleaning kicks in!  First-off is easiest out of all tasks: dusting. It’s essential to dust off your furniture from top to bottom, so the dust won’t be scattered over surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Start from the ceiling with a long-handled duster and work all the way down to the wall and the rest of the furniture.  

  4. Sweep the floor

    Sweeping is always the follow-up ritual for dusting. It is the most important procedure throughout the clean-up, as it is believed to be sweeping away the bad luck (represented by the dirt and dust) accumulated in your home over the past year.

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    But again, it is 2019.  If you would like to continue this tradition or simply want a cleanup, just grab a vacuum cleaner. It will be ten times easier than using just a broomstick to tackle the dirt.

  5. Clean the window with a newspaper

    You heard it right.  A newspaper can help clean your window. But before you start, please ensure your personal safety comes first before reaching outside the window! After positioning yourself at a safe zone, soak a cloth in the soapy water and gently clean the window from the inside, then what you can safely reach outside.

    The newspaper is the last step. You use it to dry the window glass as the paper absorbs the watermark left on the glass, while the printed ink on the paper removes the greasy handprint on the window. The best part? Newspapers never scratch the glass.

  6. Last but not least - launder all of your beddings and linens (or replace them)

    Tablecloths and carpets definitely need to be cleaned during this time of year, but don’t forget about your bedding and linens! They do need your constant attention and regular laundering.

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    Do you know that we spend almost ⅓ of our lifetime sleeping in bed? And do you know your duvets can harbor dust mites, skin scales, and fungus, which could result in allergies? Expert suggests washing bedsheets once a week and completely replacing them once a year. Check out how often should you change your bedding to find out more.

Like our tips? We hope we can help you achieve a perfect decluttered home and a fresh start for the new year. For better fortune in the coming year, or for a better relationship with people you love, start from your home, focus on the essentials, and spread goodwill to those close to you.

Happy CNY, everyone!

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Home Detox Charity Campaign

Hush Home is working alongside with Crossroads Foundation to give your donatable items to local families in need. From January 4th to February 4th, all customers who order a Hush Mattress entering the promo code HOMEDETOX are eligible to enjoy:

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Your old mattresses and other donatable items will be sent to Crossroad Foundation and put up for donation.

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