Chinese New Year, or CNY, is close by! In the week before CNY, every family in Hong Kong is busy with spring cleaning, decluttering, and some much-needed home detox. This year, the year of the Rabbit, it becomes ever-so-important to do your spring cleaning the right way so you can enjoy good health and ensure plenty of rest, resulting in overall longevity and happiness.

Although going through a deep-cleaning in the kitchen and the bathroom is always in priority on the spring cleaning to-do list, we shouldn't forget how much time we spent in our bedroom and how it will affect our sleep quality. What does that mean? It means your mattress, pillows, and bedding should be on the top of our spring cleaning list. Whether it’s swapping out a saggy mattress, updating worn-out sheets and bedding, or trying a new pillow to sooth that awful neck pain, most of us overlook the necessity of taking care of our sleep (and subsequently, our health).

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This leads us to one simple question:  how can a brand-new mattress or clean sheets give you a great start to the New Year? Let's ask three simple spring cleaning questions to see if you need any new bedroom items!

Spring Cleaning Question #1 Should you replace your pillow?

For many of us, pillows tend to be an afterthought.  We sit on them, we fold them, we prop ourselves up with them and after a while, they begin to wither away into flat pancakes.  Be careful of older, flatter pillows. No matter how much you twist and turn, your neck muscles are bound to become strained and headaches will ensue, making it difficult to get in those much needed Zzz’s. 

That’s why we advise, regardless of sleep position, that your pillow cradles your head, shoulders, and neck, providing the extra support you need. 

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When should you replace your pillow? That’s a great question. There’s no hard rule, but we recommend replacing pillows every one or two years. Many people will wait a decade before replacing their pillow. 10 full years? That’s dangerous. By that time, your pillow will have lost much-needed support. Additionally, think about your personal hygiene! Germs and bacteria may have invaded your old pillow and it may be causing you allergies and other health issues.

So for this Chinese New Year, check on the health of your favorite memory foam pillow. You can call it your special new year’s resolution and you head and neck will thank you!

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Spring Cleaning Question #2. How long have you had your mattress? 

Even with the best mattresses, there comes a time to part ways and replace it since you are not the only one who ages. While many of us wait for the springs to flatten or our backs to ache before realizing your mattress is too old, this practice is unwise. Your sleep quality may deteriorate, or you may find yourself waking up tired or achy in the morning despite having 8 hours or more of sleep. Most of us have such busy schedules that we need the best quality of sleep to rest as much as possible.  So, what better time to kick off the new year on the right note during your spring clean?

One of the most critical functions of a mattress is to release pressure points in your body. As long as it is functioning well, your body shape should not leave a dent on your mattress. So, if you notice any dents in your mattress, that might mean the materials inside your mattress may have reached the end of their natural lifespan and you should replace your mattress.

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Similarly, did you know that dust mites and other allergens can live in old mattresses? They like to snack on your dead skin cells or body oils. If you think that sounds pretty gross, that’s because it is! These bad boys can cause a host of issues such as sneezing, runny noses, itchiness, coughing, and other problems. An easy way to guarantee a huge health boost in 2024 is to change your mattress.

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When you’re looking for a new mattress, keep in mind that it should be designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support, alongside an affordable price tag and money-back guarantee. Naturally, we really like the Hush Mattress, which a number of our customers have labeled the best mattress in Hong Kong.  But shop around! A new mattress is an important member of your family.

Spring Cleaning Question #3. Is it time to upgrade your bedding and sheets for the new year?

The thing coming between you and a good night’s sleep might just be the thin layer of material between you and your mattress -- your sheets!

Sometimes the signs are visible: the fabric has lost its softness, the cotton is pilling, or there are noticeable stains, tears, or frayed edges. Over time, bedding naturally builds up bacteria from your sweat and skin cells, which may cause adverse reactions in some people. We wouldn’t want you starting the new year with any bad signs such as these. And the solution is of course very easy and straightforward.

Whether you’ve had the same bedding for years or just need a simple refresh, new bedding can offer you a clean start to the new year. Plus, new bedding, especially if the fabric is in high quality, can give a drastic effect on your comfort and your ability to relax and enjoy your best night sleep. We advise sourcing long-staple cotton sheets like they do at 5-star luxury hotels, which are breathable and 4x stronger than regular cotton.

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Now it’s your turn – give your mattress, pillow, and bedding the necessary attention during your spring clean. Wish you a prosperous Year of the Rabbit, and good luck ushering in the new!