Beauty sleep is real with a silk pillowcase. We all know a good night’s sleep wakes us up rejuvenated and refreshed, and a beauty sleep helps our skin and hair restore and heal during the 8 hours. If you’re ready to elevate your beauty sleep, a silk pillowcase which has become a must-have beauty essential, is the way to go. The reason? Here we’ve come up with 6 benefits of sleeping on silk for skin, hair and sleep, along with some buying tips so you can buy the perfect silk pillowcase in Hong Kong.

Benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase #1. Sleep cool

Too hot to sleep? Silk helps you sleep cool and fresh. As one of the “coolest” pillowcase options, silk is cool to the touch, which also makes them a good bedding in summer. Silk’s moist-repelling properties and breathable fibers help regulate body temperature and wick moisture away to keep you dry and fresh. Sleeping on silk is definitely a game changer for hot nights.

Benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase #2. Looks good in bedroom and feels good to sleep on

Let’s admit it, draping your bed in silk makes your bedroom classy, chic and timeless. Known as “the queen of fabrics”, silk looks naturally luxurious with its refined texture and luster when it hits light. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites because of its natural protein structure to keep you away from allergies, making it not only a “good-looking” material to add in the bedroom, but also a highly-functionable one.

Benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase #3. Anti-aging 

Craving anti-aging tips? We spend nearly one third of our lives in bed and you may not know that sometimes wrinkles form when we are sleeping! Sleep wrinkles, or sleep lines, are caused by a repeated pressure you apply on the face, especially if you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, who is more likely to push the skin into the pillowcases. Sleep lines will become permanent from constant compression if you are not aware of them. The ultimate solution of escaping from sleep wrinkles is to reduce the friction of your sleep surface and hence minimize the pressure. The slippery face of a silk pillowcase presents a sleep surface with less friction, resulting in prevention of wrinkle formation and saving you from aging because of your sleep position.

Benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase #4. Anti-acne

In fact, many beauty benefits that silk bedding brings to you are attributed to its smooth and slippery surface that reduces friction. With less friction comes less irritations, sleeping on silk can prevent acne breakouts so you can wake up with a clean and oil-free complexion.

Benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase #5. Stay hydrated 

Compared with many other fabrics, silk does not absorb moisture. That means instead of soaking up hydration from your skin, silk helps retain natural moisture from your skin and nutrients from your nighttime skincare routine. If you’ve been dreaming of waking up to a glowing and youthful morning face, add silk pillowcase to your sleep routine and you will see the difference.

Benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase #6. Goodbye, bedhead!

If the fact that silk protects your face from losing moisture during the night has impressed you, you’re probably more happy to know that it works the same to your hair. Sleeping on silk locks in moisture and natural oil of your hair, giving you smooth and shiny hair when you wake up and avoiding excessive oil production due to dehydration.

We all have those days when we wake up with either greasy hair or frizzy hair and have to spend a lot of time fixing it before going out. Sweat and excessive oil lead to greasiness. We know that we are safe from hot nights sleeping on silk, then how about excessive oil? Don’t forget that silk retains moisture and natural oil of your hair and scalp to help prevent production of unwanted oil. Greasy hair? No more.

Frictionless sleep surface that silk pillowcase provides you with also helps protect your hair against split ends and breakage, in order to reduce frizz and tangle. When you’re ready to sleep on silk pillowcase, you’re probably on the way saying goodbye to bad hair days.

Things to Consider When Buying a Silk Pillowcase:

Is silk comfortable? The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase should have spoken for it. Whether you are a first time silk sleeper or a loyal fan of silk, we’ve come up with some tips for you to pick the perfect silk bedding, i.e. a silk pillowcase and more.

Pro Tips👉Pick the right silk

Go for high-quality silk. There is a huge difference between high-quality silk and low-end silk, which can be distinguished from their luster, finish and touching. If you can not tell a difference or you want to save time to do the comparison, start with the raw materials. Our recommendation is mulberry silk. Mulberry silk, made of raw silk fibers harvested from the leaves of mulberry trees that silkworms feed on, is one of the highest quality silks in the world. It is natural, hypoallergenic and odorless, also famous for its refined texture, lightweight quality and durability.

Pro Tips👉Pick a right “momme”

Momme (mm) is a unit used to measure the weight of silk fabrics, also referring to the quality of the silk, like thread count of cotton. It’s important for brands to disclose which momme of silk they are selling. You may need different weight silks for different purposes, such as clothing, bedding, accessories. Silk under 20 momme is considered to be very lightweight, usually used to produce clothing.

To achieve the purpose of using a silk pillowcase for enhancing beauty sleep, you should take these into consideration: (1) softness, (2) friction and (3) breathability. A lower momme is very lightweight, however it promotes more friction than a higher momme due to less silk in the weave. In contrast, a higher momme looks luxurious and promotes less friction than a lower momme, however it is “stiff” to the touch and less breathable due to its increasing weight and silk in the weave. To pick the right momme for a silk pillowcase, we suggest you take the “medium-weight” silk which promotes softness, smoothness and less friction at the same time. 22 momme is a good pick.

Pro Tips👉Add a silk eye mask

Expert tip: add a silk eye mask to boost your luxury sleep experience. You may have never tried to add an eye mask to your sleep routine, start from today! Wearing an eye mask blocks out the light from nearby sources and lets you hit snooze in complete darkness, increasing the “sleep hormone”, melatonin to ensure you get quality sleep. Protecting your delicate eye area and eyelashes from friction, a silk eye mask can keep your eye area hydrated, providing an extra calming effect and enhance your beauty sleep.

Sleep Well with a Silk Pillowcase

Good skin and hair, anti-aging and frizz-free are some of the keywords of using a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on silk is like loving and spoiling yourself in luxury, once you’ve tried you never go back. Ready to take your sleep experience to another level? If you're wondering where to buy your silk pillowcase in Hong Kong, check out our Mulberry Silk Gift Set which features 100% 22-momme silk.