It’s that time of year again when couples celebrate all things romantic on Valentine’s Day. But the pressure to ensure you and your partner have the perfect evening has become a struggle to secure the best table in town, the freshest flowers and the perfect gift - blowing your stress levels as well as your budget. But if you want to celebrate the true romance behind this special day, why not look a little closer to home - your bedroom! The intimacy of your home is THE place to host your Valentine’s date night this year and we’ve got 5 romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to keep you and your loved one where you belong this year - at home and, most importantly, in bed!

In the words of the blockbuster film Love Actually, “Love is all around”! When it comes to your home, it certainly is. Not sure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Looking for the perfect date night ideas to make your Valentine’s Day more romantic? Let us help you:

Romantic Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentine’s Day Decoration

It doesn’t take much to transform your home into a romantic setting to wow your partner. Candles are the perfect way to create an atmosphere of romance and seduction. With choices including jasmine, lily or the more traditional rose, you can match your choice to a fragrance that is special to you and your partner to truly set the mood. Alternatively, a single lamp placed in the corner would be perfect to create an ambience of love and passion.

Roses are the normal choice for Valentines Day romance, but why not take this chance to buy something that your partner really likes…. lilys, orchids or tulips are great alternatives, and with a lower price, you can get more than a dozen to put in vases around the house.

  1. Bringing Valentine’s Day into the Kitchen

With so many people to cater for, it’s normal for your favourite restaurant to serve a set menu on Valentines Day, but if you’re dining in, you can indulge in whatever food takes your fancy. Having a Valentine’s Date night at home means you can eat what you want, when you want.

Don’t fancy a starter? Then don’t have one! Love a steak but want a special sauce to accompany it? Go for it! Want to skip dinner altogether and go straight to dessert? We got you!

Not a great cook? Just knowing that the food you are eating has been lovingly prepared in your own kitchen is enough to make any meal taste out of this world.

Valentines Day

  1. Romantic Songs and Movies for Valentine’s Day

Background music on a loop being half listened to by a whole restaurant filled with people...Why share your evening with others when at home you and your partner can ensure the entertainment is exactly what you want to hear and do?

Spotify is a great way to find a playlist of romantic songs that you can listen to as quiet or loud as you wish. Or why not go a step further and create your own playlist of songs that evoke memories for you both to get the romance flowing?

If you are stuck for ideas, you can try one of our favorite playlists for the bedroom. Don’t forget movies! If snuggling up to your partner is your type of romance, then make sure it’s in front of a good old movie. There are plenty of romantic movies out there, but if a horror or drama takes your fancy, go ahead, it’s all about the two of you!

  1. Romance is in the Company

Home is where the heart is and at Valentine’s that is especially true. If it’s just you and your partner, take the chance to enjoy each other; eat, drink, talk, laugh and snuggle. Make this date night one to remember for all the right reasons. While commercialism means we go all out to buy the perfect gift that will probably sit in its box for the next year, why not make your gift your time and company - both free yet priceless. Make this Valentine’s Day about the two of you.

And don’t be afraid to include your nearest and dearest in your plans. Kids will love helping to set the dinner table and arrange the flowers, and a night in with their parents with home-cooked food and a movie….who wouldn't love that? Or maybe Fido might be the perfect excuse for a romantic stroll around town to enjoy the sights.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Valentine’s Day in the Bedroom

If your romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations are going to plan then you will end up here at the end of the night, but why wait till the end? Your bedroom, or more specifically your bed) is the place to bring the whole night together as one. The flickering of a candle will set the mood for your evening and the scent of your chosen flowers will linger in the smaller space. Everyone knows that food eaten in bed tastes so much better than that at a table, so grab your meal to go… the bedroom!

As you relax after dinner, what better position than horizontal in the arms of your loved one in the comfort and softness of your luxury bedding? The movie can play in the background as you enjoy your night and who cares if you fall asleep? You’re already in bed!

If you are hosting the best Valentine’s Day night in Hong Kong, then it makes sense to make sure you have the best mattress in Hong Kong, one with motion isolation and Edge Support that ensures everyone stays in bed however excited they get, while the fun bounce of pocket coils is a must for a more private celebration!

When your night draws to a close and the reality of work the next day hits, it’s important that you sleep soundly no matter how much fun you’ve had! However, sharing a bed successfully is less about romance and more about planning! Going to bed at the same time and finding a comfortable sleeping position that suits you both can help you doze off quicker while duvet wars can be avoided by making sure yours is bigger than the bed or consider buying two separate ones.

As you can see, there’s no need to suffer FOMO this year when the real Valentine’s buzzword is GOMO (Going Out is Missing Out). But why save it only for Valentine’s Day? You can enjoy the true romance of your perfect date night whenever you feel like it - 365 nights per year!