Local broadcast NowTV Finance has an interview series featuring successful startups, and mattress and bedding brand Hush Home was recently featured in the series. Our co-founders Rick Chen and Stephanie Huen shared their stories on NowTV series about how Hush Home was created, how the famous Hush Mattress and other bedding products were specifically designed for Hong Kong, as well as the importance of giving customers a unique shopping experience when buying mattresses and bedding products online. In addition to offering high quality mattresses and bedding at affordable prices, Hush Home also focuses on promoting sleep health and wellness and contributing to the local community through social impact activities.

NowTV Hush Home

Rick and Stephanie started Hush Home wanting to help sleep-deprived Hong Kongers to enjoy better sleep. Realizing that they have very different sleeping habits, the Hush Mattress was designed to have complete motion isolation. Even when one partner moves in the middle of the night, the other partner won’t feel anything, and still sleep soundly. Another important part of the Hush Mattress is the cooling fabric and foam used on the top part of the mattress, so that it is suitable for sleepers living in the humid weather of Hong Kong. 

As an online mattress and bedding company, the most important thing is to make sure that customers are well informed about the sleep science behind our products before they order the mattress and other sleep products.This is why Rick and Stephanie created a digital library with information  about sleep products as well as wellness tips that are relevant for the Hong Kong market. After learning about the products, customers can talk to a sleep consultant online, book a half-hour appointment at our showroom and try the Hush Mattress in person.The Hush showroom is purposely designed to feel like a home. It’s a completely private experience with no bright lights and no sales staff watching you. This is something very important to the founders -- combining the online experience with the offline experience into a perfect and seamless shopping experience.

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