Originally a festival where people donned costumes to ward off ghosts, Halloween is now a time to gather friends and family, dress up, eat great food and have an excuse to host a scary party. How you celebrate is up to you, but we’ve got some great Halloween party ideas for you! 

A Night Out 

If you fancy going out for a ghoulish adventure, there’s plenty to do in Hong Kong if you are brave enough to venture out on the scariest night of the year.

  • Go trick or treating with Micky and Minnie Mouse, visit a haunted house and join in the spooky parade at Disneyland.
  • OceanPark’s Halloween Fest is sure to excite young and old with state-of-the-art scary attractions, costume parties and a Trick-or-Treat pumpkin trail!
  • Party all night at Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party, a Hong Kong outdoor street party that seems to get bigger each year. Dress to impress as ghouls and skeletons of all shapes and sizes make their appearances.


However, if you don’t want to venture far from the security of your most comfortable bed (we are with you, it’s the safest place to be!), things can be just as fun if you stay at home. We’ve got lots of ideas to make your Halloween party is the one to remember in 2018!

Halloween Costumes



Why spend money on Halloween costumes when you can make one at home – it's cheaper and much more fun! Grab a bedsheet (preferably not your favorite bed sheets) and a few other basics you have laying around, and we guarantee you’ll have your guests spooked with our Halloween costume ideas:

  • Cut or tear your sheet into strips and wrap around arms, legs, head and body for an instant scare.
  • Cut two eyeholes in your sheet and you have an easy ghost costume.
  • For the Greek god or goddess in you, a generously wrapped sheet with a rope belt is ideal.
  • Great for superhero wannabees, a sheet tied (loosely) around the neck turns you into the perfect flying crusader. 

Halloween Decorations



When it comes to decorating, there are many options that’ll turn your home into a haunted house:

  • Jack-o-lanterns. Scoop out a pumpkin and get to work on a scary face or maybe just a pair of fangs. Pop in a candle and voila – devilish lanterns to put the shiver down anyone’s spine.
  • Fake spider webs. Cotton or wool stretched thinly will make a great feature in a corner or doorway. Add a fake spider for extra spookiness.
  • Bats. Not real ones, but just some black paper cut into a bat-shape – quick, creepy and easy to hang with a piece of cotton string to scare unsuspecting guests.

Fun Halloween Games



While you have great company, why not get the party swinging with some fun games:

  • Get wet and wild with some apple bobbing
  • Turn your hallway into an eerie bowling alley with a pumpkin and some toilet rolls

Trick or Treat? Definitely Treat!



No Halloween is complete without our sweet treat ideas. Bake at home or buy in, it’s up to you…

  • Ghostly cookies. You might be able to buy some Halloween cookie cutters, but if not, go freehand and bake your own spooky collection of ghost, pumpkin and haunted house-shaped goodies. Have some icing on hand and let your visitors decorate their cookie individually.
  • Pumpkin Pie. Don’t waste your jack-o-lantern’s sweet side when you can make the leftovers into a fabulous pie for all to share.

At the end of your party, after a night of food, fun and entertainment, there is just one thing left to do – retire to bed. But don’t let the fun stop there: snuggle up in your super cozy (and safe and secure) bed, pull up your warmest duvet and share some leftover pie with your favorite bed partner, human, canine or feline - just watch for things that go bump in the night!