Heat waves bring with them endless days of sunshine and opportunities to bask in the glorious weather. But when the humidity outdoors turns up a few too many notches, why not head inside, crank up the aircon, and get cozy watching your favorite Netflix? We’ve got plenty of reasons for you to stay cool inHong Kong's hot weather by heading indoors and tips on sleeping like a baby – whatever the temperature outside!

Too hot to sleep

Why head inside?

I mean, why not? We love the outdoors, but indoors with the air-con cranked up you can snuggle up with your partner, your kids, even your pet. Being inside means you reduce your risk of overheating, lower your laundry and electricity bills by not taking multiple showers each day, and protect your skin from sun damage better than any sun lotion can!

Does sleeping help?

During a heat wave or just a hot summer’s day, your body needs the natural relief that nighttime temperatures normally give to refresh and repair itself, so it’s important to keep yourself cool overnight to ensure you get the best nights’ sleep possible. Air-con is by far the best way and the familiar comfort provided by cooling the room enough that you can snuggle up in bed – under a duvet – offers psychological benefits that may well make you sleep better as well.

Stay cool while sleeping

What’s the ideal temperature to fall asleep? Does staying cool help you sleep through the night?

According to the experts, anything between 15 - 20 degrees Celsius (or 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit) is the ‘ideal sleep temperature’. Keeping your bedroom at what may seem like a relatively cool temperature leads not only falling asleep quicker, it can also cure some cases of insomnia but also promotes longer and better-quality REM and deep sleep – essential to restoration and repair of your body and mind. But we’re all individual’s right? To help you figure out which end of the scale you should sleep, consider what you wear to bed, if your mattress has airflow properties that cool you down and whether you are just generally a hottie!

What else can I do to stay cool and encourage a good night’s sleep?

Forget old wives tales and myths, these tips come courtesy of good old science:

Choose a breathable mattress
Believe it or not, your mattress benefits from getting a good breath of air as much as you. Models such as our Hush Mattress™ are specifically designed with airflow in mind, with air channels created to increase air movement and fabrics that are cool, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

 Keep your bed cool

Stay hydrated
Drink little but often throughout the day and night. Hot or cold drinks are equally hydrating, but steer clear of alcohol as it will dehydrate you very quickly and disturb your sleep pattern.


Inhale through your nose
In theory by breathing this way your saliva will cool the air before it reaches your lungs, providing a cooling effect.

Keep your wrists and feet cool
Both areas contain pulse points so putting your feet in cold water or running your wrists under a cold tap will have a temperature regulating effect that will make sleeping easier.

Upgrade to 1-ply cotton bedding
High-quality cotton bedding, such as our Egyptian Cotton Hotel Sheets are far more are breathable than other materials and generally provide a better sleep on summer nights, not just during heat waves. Look for cotton that is ‘1-ply’ which ensures the thread count that is listed out by the manufacturer is a true thread count and the yarn of the fabric is ultrafine and ultra-breathable. 

 1-ply breathable cotton bed sheets

Invest in a lightweight hypoallergenic duvet
Nothing beats the ability to snuggle up whatever the weather and one such as our All Season Duvet will ensure you’ll be cozy in any temperature – combining microfiber that mimics the insulation of goose down with the breathability of cotton, the best of both worlds!all-season-duvetShut the world out
Keeping your curtains closed during the day prevents your room heating up through the glass. Keeping your windows closed ensures that if the temperature inside is cooler than outside, it stays that way!

Wet the bed
Yes, we are serious – a slight misting of ice water from a spray bottle is the perfect way to drop the temperature of your bed as you slip between the sheets. It won’t last long so do it just before you switch off the lights!

Put your pillow talk on ice
Quite literally, put your pillowcase in the freezer and take it out just as you hit the sack. It should remain cool for the time it takes to fall into a deep slumber.