Campfire is a global network of industry-focused shared spaces, leading the evolution of how people work, live, learn and play. For their latest co-living project, Campfire Home, an 80-room property in Hong Kong, they wanted to find a partner to supply their residents with the best sleep experience possible.

Of course it made sense for them to partner with Hush Home, who is not only a digital company offering better sleep to everyday consumers but a collaborative bed and bath partner for many hospitality clients. It was a match made in heaven as both companies believe a better night’s rest goes a long way to getting the best of your day.

campfire home co-living space

Recently, we got Campfire Home’s General Manager Elaine Poon and Hush Home’s cofounder and Head of Sales, Stephanie Huen, together to learn more about their collaboration.

So, tell me a little bit more about the co-living project, what inspired the collaboration between your 2 companies

Elaine: Campfire is evolving the way that people work, live, learn and play. For our new co-living project, Campfire Home, we didn’t want to focus only on “living”, but also “working”, “learning”, and “playing”. Getting the best rest possible is such an important part of all of that. What you can do the next day and how much energy you have, all of that depends on how well you sleep. So we had turned to the sleep and wellness experts at Hush Home to help us out!

Stephanie: Yeah, it was so exciting to discover the similarity in our visions when we first got together! Both companies really shared a vision of what we wanted to accomplish. We’re not just a sleep brand at Hush Home, we really think of the wellness of the whole person. And what was great was, we got together with Campfire Home and discovered we both believe that improved, healthier sleep really opens up the possibilities of what you can do the next day. It was the the perfect match!

Elaine: And no need for a dating website!

Sounds really exciting! How did Hush Home help create the perfect sleep experience?

Elaine: Actually, it wasn’t limited to just sleep. We asked them to design the perfect bed and bath experience. For us, we wanted that part of the experience to feel like home.

Stephanie: And for us, creating the perfect experience really comes down to product design. That’s what we specialize in. Once we got to the drawing board, we were able to propose and recommend to Campfire Home the perfect collection of bed and bath products. So it starts of course with our top-rated Hush Mattress, but we also recommended a number of our other products: our famous Miracle Pillow, the ultra-soft Luxury Hotel Sheets, the humidity-fighting All-Season Duvet, and an amazing towel set. Each product complements the others. It’s really the perfect bed and bath set!

the perfect mattress, pillow, sheets and duvet in Hong Kong

Does Campfire Home cater to specific residents?

Elaine: We welcome anyone with drive, ambition and an open mind. Many of our residents so far have been young expats, local university students, young professionals, or frequent business travelers.

Stephanie: And we’re glad we’ve been able to offer them all better sleep!

What kind of experience do you want to offer to your customers? How do you want them to feel in their new ‘home’?

Elaine: The great thing about Campfire Home is that all residents can step from the bustle of the city to into their personal sanctuary with ease – we create a true home-from-home, just without the financial or long-term commitment.

Stephanie: Yep, that was the big thing when we were designing the bedroom at Campfire Home. We wanted to make sure we created a really comfy, hospitable space. If you think about it, the mattress is the only essential furniture item in your home. You choose all your other furniture items based on your lifestyle and personal preferences, but no home is complete without a mattress. That’s because home is where you return to after a busy, hectic day. So we really wanted to make the mattress the center of everything. So the first thing you’ll notice when you step into one of the rooms is that it’s one giant sleep space. We wanted to give their tenants this immediate sense of coziness the moment they walk in.

Sounds tempting......would you consider a journalist as a resident?

Elaine: Why not? We want our guests to learn from and share with as many different people as possible! Do you travel?

Co-founder and Head of Sales of Hush Home Stephanie Huen with General Manager of Campfire Home Elaine Poon


Elaine: It’s perfect. A lot of our residents use our co-living space as a base when they travel.

Stephanie: Oh! You’ll love the mattress and bedding! It will make you feel like you’re staying at a five-star hotel.

Sleep is, of course, something that everyone does every night. We don’t often think much about it. Why did you decide to focus on better sleep in Campfire Home?

Elaine: At the beginning, we just wanted to create a great experience for our residents. But the scope of our collaboration with Hush Home grew as we learned how important the role of sleep is to your overall health and wellness. Once we understood that, we realized that this was one of the most important things we could do for our guests.

Stephanie: Plus, in a city as busy as Hong Kong, many people spend their time out and about and use their home just to sleep. You spend ⅓ of your life sleeping. It’s hard to envision anything more important!

Haha, I love sleeping. I’m probably guilty of spending even more time in my bed.

Campfire Home with Hush Home Mattress in place

Stephanie: Our philosophy is, even if you have limited time, you should get the most out of your sleep. Plus it doesn’t hurt if the mattress is so comfortable you want to linger in it  longer...

Elaine: Yep, if you think of what defines a home, it’s where you relax and sleep. While the rest of the day is hectic, we want the home to be a place where you can rest, recharge and revitalize. Many of our members have incredibly busy days. For us, it is obvious that to help them get the most from their day, we needed to provide the perfect sleeping environment and experience.

Stephanie: That’s what’s so exciting and perfect about our collaboration - we want to be advocates of good sleep, wellness and healthy living.

Wow, sounds great. Tell me what else is so special about this collaboration

Elaine: Hush Home is the perfect partner in so many ways. It is an incredibly consumer-friendly brand that has strong experience in similar B2B hospitality projects. For us, it was a lot of fun to work with a brand that not only knew how to complete a large project like ours but also really “engage” and be accessible to our members. Plus, now we have very well-rested guests!

Stephanie: We loved working on this project because our passion is offering Hong-Kongers a better night’s rest. Moreover, the concept of Campfire Home is truly special. We really believe in co-living as a concept in Hong Kong. We think it makes so much sense to encourage this type of inter-connectivity in such an expensive and fast-paced city.

Great work guys! So what makes this co-living experience different from other co-living spaces?

Elaine: Haha, you mean aside from our collaboration with Hush Home? I think that sets us apart from any other co-living space! In addition to that, we provide a high-end experience, in everything from the furniture, fittings and bedding (wink wink) to the technology and surroundings

Stephanie: I think that being part of the global Campfire community must be a real selling point.

Elaine: You’re absolutely right. The community spans 4 countries and 20 locations at present, offering our members the platform and resources to expand their network locally and internationally.

Turning to you Stephanie, what is so different about Hush Home products?

Stephanie: It’s simple. We offer better-designed sleep products at comfortable prices. We really want to help improve people’s lives by offering healthier sleep.

The last time I remember falling in love with a mattress and bedding was in the Maldives in a rather expensive hotel that my partner insisted on blowing the budget on.....

Campfire Home's co-living space

Stephanie: Exactly! That’s exactly what we were going for when we started out on the production journey. Everyone always says that their best night’s sleep is in hotels, so we wanted to let everyone be able to recreate that amazing sleep experience every night. So that’s what we’ve done...although our products are a little more kind to the wallet!

Elaine: It was also great because Hush Home was able just to install their entire sleep system in our bedroom. It’s a full system -- not just the mattress, but the pillows, sheets, and duvet. They all work together to improve sleep.

Stephanie: Don’t forget the towels!

Elaine: Oh yes, the towels! Haha. Super plush. Everyone loves them. Luckily our residents are good enough to not treat us like a hotel – none have gone missing yet!

While I have the experts here, do you have any sleep tips for anyone who is overworked?

Elaine: Yes, make yourself comfortable in one of our new rooms! Haha kidding.

Stephanie: I think it’s important to clear your mind before you go to bed. While some advocate meditation, it doesn’t need to be that structured, just be mindful what you’re doing at that moment as you prepare for bed, not what you need to do tomorrow. One of my favorite ways to do that is to take a warm bath and do some light stretching. Sometimes I’ll also listen to NPR at night or read good fiction as a way to ease my way into sleep.

Elaine: Ooh, I should try that, although I’m more into nonfiction!  I’m a great believer in keeping my room cool and using bedding to add or remove layers as my temperature fluctuates. And keeping a bedtime routine is vital.. although I have been known to lie in on the weekend!

Stephanie: My partner is a bit of a fidget in bed so I find the motion isolation in the Hush Mattress ideal. It lets me stay in blissful sleep for the entire night.

Talking about sleep is making me a little tired right now, can I jump into one of your beds to take a nap?

Elaine: Go ahead!